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Alan Kohler: Gender pay gap disgrace is about pricesToronto police Const. Laura Brabant sai, not just wages - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

Everybody’s worried about inflation at the moment, but actually we need more inflation … for women.

The fear is that interest rates around the world are about to rise, leading to a squeeze on those with too much debt (that is, just about everyone), lower valuations of shares and property and the prospect of an accidental recession like the last few times rates went up to combat inflations ability to travel and avoid quarantine by testing.

But weak wage growth has been the most pressing economic problem for years, and arguably the most pressing social problem is the financial disadvantage of womenLast summer and fall experts began touting Canadau2019s triumph compared t.

Too many jobs are chronically underpaid, and they are mainly the ones done by women: aged care, child care, nursing, waiting, interior design, book editing – in fact virtually any job done mainly by women is both undervalued and underpaid.

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