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Shaanxi: Nippon 1687 wood paint is the culprit in my decoration

recently, China consumer network received complaints from Shaanxi consumers, Now the complaint information is published as follows:

complainant information

Name: Wu Qiang Tel: 1370923*****

address: Gucheng community, Junmin South Road, Huaxian County, Shaanxi Province

information of the object of complaint

name of the object of complaint: lipang franchise store, Huaxian County, Shaanxi Province contact: Yang Qun

complaint content (facts, time, place, people and causes, development and results of things)

in June this year, I bought Nippon 16877 series wood paint from Nippon specialty store at the Seventh Five intersection of Hua county, Weinan, Shaanxi Province. After a few days of painting, I found that the whole paint film fell off. Nippon Xi'an technicians also saw it, but the explanation was very vague, so I asked Nippon Paint (China) The application department of limited company called, but the explanation was more vague because it was a professional term, but until now, no personnel of Nippon company contacted me. I just wanted to ask Nippon company how to deal with such a thing, and what reasonable explanations and specific measures are there for customers.

this matter had a great impact on me, so that I couldn't settle in. I don't know what Nippon company would do about such a problem for consumers. I appeal to everyone to recognize it Qing Libang 16877 series wood lacquer decoration must see more, ask more, compare and choose good materials. I must resolutely safeguard the rights of consumers and Libang company must carry out to the end. For myself and for the majority of consumers, I can recognize Libang 1687 a statement

existing evidence: various decoration bills Libang quality reputation list

existing picture evidence:

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complaint request: due to problems in paint, the decorated panel must be removed first, so my losses should be borne by the Huaxian Nippon agent. According to the preliminary calculation, my losses are about 120000 (add it if it is not taken into account). I require double compensation for my losses





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