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[] the home decoration market is very prone to engineering disputes, such as subcontracting, affiliated companies, decoration quality, delay in construction period, budget and final settlement disputes, etc. Insiders remind consumers that in order to prevent such disputes, owners must sign the "home decoration contract" to ensure their own interests. When signing the contract, they should pay more attention to the following aspects

1. Choose a formal home decoration company. Before signing the contract, the owner should first review whether the procedures of the decoration company are complete

2. Visit the decoration site under construction by the decoration company, check the construction technology and the quality of workers on the construction site, and focus on the management, sanitation and fire prevention of the construction site

3. Detailed design sample drawings shall be provided for the design scheme provided by the decoration company. The budget quotation should be strictly examined and approved by the customer, and relevant experts should be consulted if possible. If the decoration company is entrusted to choose building materials, the decoration company will generally provide pre selected material samples, which the customer should keep for future inspection and comparison

4. When signing the contract, the construction period, several acceptance procedures (including materials, concealed works, partial and overall acceptance, etc.), the description of the detailed manufacturing process, the list and date of materials provided by both parties, etc. should be specified in detail, and the compensation proportion of breach of contract should also be agreed. When agreeing on the material standards for decoration, we must be very meticulous, including the exterior wall, interior wall, ceiling, floor, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, etc. the brand and model of materials used in each part should be clearly marked, and we cannot use the words such as domestic famous brand and international famous brand in general

5. The acceptance method can be agreed in the contract that the government quality inspection station will accept it, so you can not pay extra for inviting the quality inspection station

6. The contract should be signed by the legal representative. If there is an entrusted agent, it is necessary to copy the power of attorney. At the same time, ask the decoration company for a copy of the industrial and commercial license and a copy of the qualification certificate. Both copies should be stamped with the company seal, and also ask for a copy of the ID card of the project manager and the person in charge of the project, or a copy of the work permit of the company's formal employees, as well as the contact number

7. The delivered project funds should be handed over by the owner to the company's finance department in person, and a special invoice for construction and installation should be requested to try to prevent others from collecting the project funds

8. After the completion of the project, different projects have different warranty periods. The customer can discuss with the company according to the specific situation, retain the original certificate or withhold part of the project funds as the quality guarantee for decoration

9. The above decoration contract has three forms: the contractor contracts for labor and materials, some materials, the contractor contracts for labor, and the resident contracts for materials. In the decoration, the following situations should also be paid attention to. If the decoration company contracts materials, it should ask for the list of materials purchased, certificate of conformity, and invoice; If the owner packs materials by himself, the selected materials must comply with national standards, with quality inspection certificate, product name, specification, model, manufacturer name, address, etc. with Chinese marks. It is forbidden to use decoration materials that are officially eliminated by the state

10. In addition, after the completion of the decoration project, the air quality should meet the national standards. If the test is unqualified, if it is the responsibility of the contractor, the contractor should rework and bear the corresponding losses. When the budget items are changed, both parties should re sign the agreement





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