Oshilai Wall group construction one-day tour quali

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In order to increase the sense of belonging, cohesion and team awareness of oshilai people, strengthen team building and team management, fully mobilize our initiative and enthusiasm, obtain a better mental outlook, a better working state, a more harmonious and United team, and also allow us to enjoy the fun of common development of work and life after completing our own work, the company on October 27, Carry out the League building activity of "Yunshui family quality development" in Yunshui family

at 8 o'clock in the morning, all staff of the company arrive and take a bus to Yunshui people's house

everyone's face was filled with joy, and they welcomed the next activities with full spirit

arrive at Yunshui family

in the morning

after simple physical activities, the team was divided into three groups by the coach - blue team, pink team and green team, and carried out three small game competitions

― blue team ―

team name: junior team

slogan: run, junior

― powder team

team name: tiger team

slogan: tiger, I'm the most powerful

― green team

team name: war wolf team

slogan: war wolf, war wolf, invincible

beat the drum and hit the ball

bead line thousands of miles

losing team, There is also a small punishment, oh


barbecue walk

prepared a full range of ingredients

charcoal barbecue, authentic


-- experience games

mountain bike


live CS

tug of war

played all day

although I felt tired, I was very happy

everyone will adjust themselves to their best state

to meet the next busy work





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