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On January 25th, 2016, Qihang wallpaper was invited to CCTV, and its first advertisement will be broadcast on CCTV-1, CCTV-2 and CCTV-7, taking an important step in the brand development mileage

on January 25th, 2016, Qihang wallpaper was invited to CCTV, and the first advertisement will be broadcast on CCTV-1, CCTV-2 and CCTV-7, taking an important step in the brand development mileage

it's not necessary for you to replace the service.

in the home decoration industry, the difference between products is getting smaller and smaller. If you can stand out among many products, service has become a powerful weapon to win. To truly grasp the hearts of consumers, we must rely on sound and good integration strategies to do a good job of integration, all-round and three-dimensional to make customers feel satisfied

starting from the needs of consumers, flag airlines put forward the slogan - "replace the service without your hands", which is also the commitment of flag airlines to every consumer

one year layout development, flag airlines embarked on CCTV

2015 is a very important year for the development of flag airlines' brand. In this year, the layout of flag airlines' o2o stores across the country has gradually taken shape, and the development of o2o stores is constantly moving forward

this year, Qi hang will start a new journey on the road of brand. Under the general trend of Internet +, it will truly realize the offline landing of the brand, promote the coverage of the brand in the national market, and make every city have Qi Hang's presence

message from the general manager of Qihang wallpaper

in the past year, we have witnessed the gradual disappearance of more and more self-employed households in the home decoration industry and the rise of home decoration major brands. It is also in this year that Qihang has determined the brand development route and is constantly moving forward. This year, we will comprehensively speed up the brand and define it as the second year of brand development, advance and retreat with more Qihang families to promote the overall home decoration development

be a brand that really understands consumers

8 years of development, Qihang has had the experience of 3million home users. All the time, the development of Qihang has always been to better serve consumers, truly put the interests of consumers first, and is committed to promoting the comprehensive integration of products, services, experience and after-sales, that is, the globalization of the synchronous development of the Internet will bring more wonderful to consumers

the development of Qi Hang's overall soft decoration

the overall soft decoration is not only the development trend of the soft decoration market, but also an important development direction of the home decoration industry

for a long time, what flag airlines has brought to consumers is not a single product, but a complete set of service system. The introduction of flag airlines curtains is based on down-to-earth accumulation, with integrated services as the core, and the perfect matching of wallpaper design to save consumers from worries at home

Qihang o2o system, we are growing

in one year, Qihang wallpaper has established more than 60 o2o exclusive stores. This year, we did not adopt blind expansion, but moved forward and backward with every o2o exclusive store, adhering to the principle of "don't give up small, don't give up big" to treat every o2o exclusive store, along with the growth of o2o exclusive stores. This year, the o2o mode of Qihang was successfully operated across the country

Internet + "one city, one flag airlines"

flag Airlines proposed the brand operation mode of Internet + "one city, one flag airlines". Flag airlines said that the proposal of this mode made consumers feel more intimate brand services. Flag airlines took brand development as the core, took the future blueprint of the enterprise as the development direction, and developed towards a century old enterprise brand

the future will be Internet + "one city, one flag"

Qihang leads a new era in the home decoration industry





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