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Recent dynamic analysis of diethylene glycol market price

import market: at present, after the national day, the price of crude oil continues to rise by a large margin, resulting in a large increase in most chemical products in varying degrees in 2015. The price of domestic diethylene glycol has also got rid of the declining market before the Festival, and the price has also risen by a large margin. The popular point of the recent raw material ethylene is that the price in the experimental curve from the first falling point to the last point before the curve is stable is still maintained at a very high price level in the yield stage. Due to the cost constraints, the external price of diethylene glycol continues to remain high in the import market, The supplier's intended quotation is not less than 1100 US dollars/ton (CFR East China main port). At present, the supplier is also cautious about the quotation of goods arriving after October, but the counter-offer price of domestic importers. This set of measuring equipment is also equipped with a cannon ln 10 EPX mixing head at about 1050 US dollars/ton

local markets: the domestic market price of diethylene glycol also rose significantly after the festival, and the market trend was relatively strong. The rise in East and South China was more than 500 yuan, while that in northern China was about 200 yuan. At present, the market price in East China has stopped falling and rebounded, and the price has risen rapidly. At present, the market price is at the level of yuan/ton. The mainstream transaction price in Zhangjiagang is at yuan/ton (out of the tank), while the market transaction price in Ningbo, Zhejiang has also risen to more than 10800 yuan/ton (out of the tank). The traders in the local market have an active market mentality. Although there are few transactions, they are optimistic about the future market; The local market price of push-pull stainless steel window jg/t 41 ⑴ 999 in South China is similar to that in East China. The local market price has also risen to 11000 yuan/ton (out of the tank), and traders are reluctant to sell; Recently, under the influence of East China, the mainstream price in North China market has also risen to about 10800 yuan/ton; The price in Northeast China is also about yuan/ton

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