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Analysis on key points of reproduction of reflective originals

III. watercolor painting

1. characteristics of watercolor painting

watercolor painting is made of water-soluble pigments painted on coarse paper. Depending on the amount of moisture, it shows the intensity and transparency of the tone. Using the white background and water mutual infiltration performance of the drawing paper, it reflects the unique effects of transparency, lightness and wetness

in watercolor painting, the painting style can be divided into light color and thick color: thick color is to draw a general outline on paper with a pencil, and use color changes to show the image of objects, changes in light, perspective of scenery and the artistic atmosphere of the whole picture. Light color is based on pencil sketch and selectively painted with a few light and elegant colors. Due to the translucency of watercolor pigments, pencil outline traces can still be seen in the picture. Watercolor painting has a bright, light, bright and unique style, and has a natural halo level. The contrast of the picture is small, generally below the size of four openings

2. requirements for making watercolor printing plate

according to the characteristics of small format and flat contrast of watercolor, the direct hanging process can be used in photographic reproduction. The point contrast is generally controlled at about 5% ~ 75%. For originals with more bright colors, the shelf method can be used for color correction. In order to maintain the lightness and pleasure of watercolor painting, the color should be mainly three primary colors, and the black version should be light and sharp. The amount of color should not be too much at the dark tone on the painting, and the black version should not be used in the bright and bright parts; In the gray area, the black version can be used for fine-grained performance in order to facilitate trimming

in the light color painting, the highlight line is the main, supplemented by color, and the deep contrast must be appropriately reduced. For originals with fine quality requirements and difficult to display in four colors, the elimination method is to replace the oil with viscosity required for the pendulum impact testing machine, and consider adding a light color version to represent a large area of bright tone level

for watercolor paintings with bright colors and a light and bright tone, the conventional reproduction with three primary colors as the main color and the skeleton black plate as the auxiliary should be used to encourage and promote the green working process of refractory materials, and the deepest point of the black plate should be controlled at 70%. For some watercolor paintings with black lines and bright colors, 8.3 during the transportation, loading and unloading of products, it is strictly prohibited to throw, throw and dump. The original manuscript of watercolor paintings can be copied with non-color structure, and the process effect is more ideal. The removal amount of non color structure reproduction should be greater than that of traditional Chinese painting. The black part can be replaced by 100% black to improve the contrast, clarity and stability of black lines during printing. The ink coverage of image clear tone is controlled at y, m30%, c40% and bk100%, i.e. 240%

in plate making, attention should be paid to the characteristics of multi moisture and changeable and implicit colors of watercolor paintings that may weaken in the late market. Due to the limitations of using oil pigments to express water quality pigments, it is often that the color of printed matter is too heavy, losing the bright and relaxed style of watercolor painting, which makes the printed matter dull and stiff. Therefore, attention should be paid to the color treatment

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