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Analysis on the price of plastic raw material PVC on January 11

I. brief introduction of the market

what is the reason for the pointer jitter of the metal impact testing machine? The PVC market atmosphere was slightly weak, the market was generally stable, and some parts fell slightly. Traders often quote flexibly, digest inventory, and purchase cautiously downstream. The overall transaction atmosphere is poor

II. Brief introduction to the upstream market will not explode

on Friday, crude oil futures hit a 12-year low again. Light and low sulfur crude oil futures for February delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell 11 cents to $33.16 a barrel, down 0.3%. London Intercontinental Exchange (ice) global benchmark Brent crude oil futures fell 20 cents, or 0.6%, to $33.55 a barrel

on Friday (January 8), the quotation of ethylene market in Asia was stable, and the price of CFR Northeast Asia remained stable to close at 1074 5 dollars/ton; CFR Southeast Asia prices remained stable at 1084 5 dollars/ton

III. local market conditions

market trading is flat, and prices are sorted out in a narrow range

the PVC market in Guangzhou has been steadily reorganized, with a small market supply, weak trading, and a few transaction prices slightly loose. The transaction price of the new material development plan guide, which is concerned by the mainstream industry of ordinary type 5 calcium carbide, is RMB/ton, and the transaction price of Zhongtai material is slightly higher

the PVC market in Changzhou was flat, with poor shipments and a slight decline in the quotation. The low-end quotation of ordinary type 5 materials is yuan/ton, and the high-end quotation is yuan/ton

the PVC market in Hangzhou has a flat trading volume, and traders sell goods at a narrow margin. Type 5 ordinary calcium carbide is often listed as the mainstream of plastic machinery materials, and it is difficult to make a deal at a higher price

IV. in terms of the latest quotation,

the quotation of PVC of yichua in Inner Mongolia is stable. The ex factory quotation of type 5 local acceptance is 4600 yuan/ton, and the spot exchange of East China port is 4780 yuan/ton. The transaction is negotiated on a single basis

the quotation of Heilongjiang Haohua PVC is stable. The ex factory price of type 5 material is 4750 yuan/ton for acceptance, mainly through firm negotiation

Fangda Jinhua PVC has stable delivery and firm quotation. The ex factory price of type 5 material is 4750 yuan/ton for acceptance

v. future forecast

at present, the downstream purchases on demand, the middlemen are more wait-and-see, the actual operation is not much, and the overall trading performance of the market is poor. It is expected that the PVC market will maintain a narrow consolidation pattern in the short term

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