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Plastic analysis for equipment and drug packaging film

PA film has strong toughness and good puncture resistance, durability, and chemical resistance. Its use temperature range is wide, but its hygroscopicity is large, and its heat sealing performance is poor. Therefore, it is mostly used with polyolefins and other composite films. Due to the good comprehensive performance of PA film, it is very suitable for protecting medical devices that have been disinfected during storage and transportation, so medical device packaging will be a new application field of PA film. CTFE film is made of ethylene/chlorotrifluoroethylene copolymer, which has high transparency, flame retardancy and excellent permeability resistance. The film has a unique range of applications, - 195 It is still soft below 5 ℃, and its melting point is 182 ~ 204 ℃

biaxially stretched PET film has extremely high mechanical strength and rigidity along the "21st century Maritime Silk Road", high heat resistance, good drug resistance, excellent transparency and gloss, small water and oxygen permeability, and good flavor retention and non-toxic properties

pet film can be directly used in the occasion of contact with drugs, and is often used in the packaging of tablets, especially traditional Chinese medicine tablets. In addition, due to the impact of the international trade war and the pressure of domestic environmental protection policies, due to its high flavor and heat resistance, it can be used as a barrier layer in the multilayer composite film to ensure that the tablets do not deteriorate within the validity period

<2) according to the shape of the clamping end of the sample, p> the basic requirements of the drug on the packaging materials are to prevent the contents from deterioration, and the main measures are moisture prevention, gas blocking, light avoidance, sterility and heat sealing. In addition, in order to ensure the quality of the contents and the safety of filling, packaging, storage and transportation, packaging materials are also required to ensure that the contents are stable, heat-resistant and will not produce harmful substances migration and other sanitary properties; At the same time, the material is also required to have certain tensile, impact, puncture and tear strength. At present, there is no single-layer film with the above functions, but the multi-layer composite film or coated film made of two or more layers of multi-layer composite and multi shell composite can learn from each other and meet many requirements

ge plastics recently launched two grades of biocompatible medical grade polycarbonate, one of which is called Lexan hpx4 and hpx8r, and the other is called lexanhps7. It is translucent medical grade irradiated polycarbonate, which is suitable for instrument products with impact resistance, transparency, light weight, gamma ray sterilization and other purposes

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