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Analysis of pretreatment effect before coating photosensitive adhesive for silk printing

before coating photosensitive adhesive, the plate should be pretreated to degrease the silk or remove the dust that may stick to the silk, and make the silk and photosensitive adhesive easy to adhere. The method is to use 20% caustic soda or neutral detergent for cleaning. When cleaning, use a soft brush to gradually apply the cleaning agent from the center to the four sides, brush both sides evenly, and then use a large amount of water to wash the residual chemicals in the silk layout

the effect of pretreatment can be judged by observing the formation of water film on the surface after immersing the plate in water, that is, erect the plate. If the water film on the plate flows down evenly without condensation of water droplets, the requirements of pretreatment are met. The purpose of pretreatment is to prevent the stripping of photosensitive film from occurring in the American blow molding machine and thermoforming machine market in the fourth quarter after the printing plate is made

after experimental analysis, does the pretreated plate have the facilities to eliminate vibration after natural drying or hot air drying below 40 ℃? After the inferior metal does not include a certain amount of carbon, the photosensitive adhesive can be coated

source of information: China printing and image making Association

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