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Advertising machine product characteristics analysis, industry profitability and other industry characteristics

Product characteristics

advertising machines not only have the advantages of scrolling multiple pictures, displaying more information, and low cost, which are common advertising machines, but also have their unique advantages, that is, they can broadcast the matching sound while broadcasting each picture, which can play the effect of TV advertising, and some also have a perfect sound and light alarm system. The combination of high activity of advertising and high melting wire strength ensures that it meets the high requirements of interface pull-out strength (the force required to pull the metal contact out of the shell), which can improve the utilization of advertising space; To reduce the cost of advertising, you can pre store multiple advertising pictures. The alternating display is waterproof, sunscreen, and corrosion-resistant. It is suitable for a variety of different occasions

over the past 128 years, it has created 41% of the 528 frequently used wrought alloys registered with the American Aluminum Association (as of January 2015); The introduction of micromillr technology can help our advertising machine industry to become bigger and stronger by strengthening exchanges with overseas enterprises and introducing overseas competition. However, the gap between us and overseas enterprises in terms of capital strength, operation ability and capital operation methods is still quite obvious. To this end, China's advertising machine enterprises have reached a consensus: in the competition with foreign enterprises, it is difficult to develop in the long run alone. Only by combining, taking the road of scale development, and adding our first and inherent local advantages, can we benefit from the real wave of globalization

economies of scale are conducive to brand building and upgrading. Scale is of great benefit to brand building. Scale is often the representative of capital strength, product profitability, credibility and appeal. In fact, those responsible enterprises with certain scale and strength are often the guides of public opinion and the promoters of fashion trends. They also tend to pay more attention to the quality of products and services, focus more on the shaping of their own corporate culture, and perform their social and commitments more carefully


at present, the technology of China's advertising machine manufacturers is constantly changing. The current advertising broadcast in shopping malls generally adopts the mode of local broadcast of advertising machines, which is inconvenient to manage, has less information content and poor communication pertinence, and can no longer meet the special requirements of information dissemination in shopping malls

in order to better explore the market potential, it will be an irresistible trend for the development of building TV advertising industry to replace the current local broadcast mode of advertising machine with digital and networked broadcast system. Diversified and real-time publishing modes and intelligent and humanized management platforms will inject revolutionary fuel into this emerging industry and promote the building TV advertising industry to a new height

industry profitability

advertising machine can reduce the advertising cost of advertising enterprises by less than 50%, and improve the advertising media space and economic income of advertisers by more than 50%

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from the touch screen advertising machine:

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