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Analysis of PVC price of plastic raw materials on February 15

I. brief introduction of the market

pvc market performance is light, and the quotation is not much. Most businesses have not yet returned to the market, and downstream factories have started one after another, and there is no purchase inquiry performance for the time being

II. Brief introduction to the upstream market

on Friday, the international crude oil futures price rose sharply. The settlement price of WTI light and low sulfur crude oil futures delivered in March on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) rose by $3.23 to $29.44 a barrel, or 12.3%. The settlement price of Brent crude oil futures with solid-liquid phase transition in March on the London Intercontinental Exchange (ice) rose by 3.4. After the sample was broken, the equipment did not stop at $30 to $33.36 a barrel, or 10.1%

on Friday (February 12), the market price of ethylene in Asia was stable, and the price of CFR Northeast Asia remained stable to close at 889 5 dollars/ton, of which the loan is 2.019 billion yuan; CFR Southeast Asia prices remained stable at 894 5 dollars/ton

III. local market conditions

market trading is flat, and prices are sorted out in a narrow range

in Shanghai PVC City, it was widely spread at the annual conference of the European Waste Recycling Association (BIR) held in Hong Kong at the end of May that the market trading was flat, the quotation was not much, and some of it rose. The mainstream self offered quotation of type 5 is yuan/ton, which is difficult to find at a low price, exists at a high price, and the shipment is general. Tianchen and Tianneng 5 carry out 5080 yuan/ton self delivery, Tianchen 8 5270 yuan/ton self delivery, Tianye 3 5320 yuan/ton self delivery, and the acceptance is 80 yuan/ton higher. The actual order can be negotiated

the PVC market atmosphere in Guangzhou was acceptable, and the participants returned to the market one after another. The transaction was general, but the supplier's mentality was acceptable, and the quotation was increased. The mainstream transaction price of ordinary type 5 calcium carbide is yuan/ton, and the price between China and Thailand is slightly higher

trading in Hangzhou PVC market was flat, and traders' quotations rose with factory prices. The mainstream self raised quotation of type 5 ordinary electric stone is yuan/ton. It is difficult to conclude a deal at a higher price, and it is difficult to find a source of goods at a lower price. There are few active quotations, and there is a lot of wait-and-see. Yihua in Inner Mongolia raised 5000 yuan/ton and Zhongtai raised 5110 yuan/ton. The deal was negotiated

IV. in terms of the latest quotation,

Jining Jinwei PVC has few sources of goods, and the price has increased. The ex factory price of type 5 is 4980 yuan/ton for acceptance, and some transactions can be negotiated. Shaanxi Beiyuan PVC is shipped according to the market. At present, the ex factory price of type 5 electric stone is 4550 yuan/ton in spot exchange, with a large discount

Heilongjiang Haohua PVC quotation increased. The ex factory price of type 5 material is 4750 yuan/ton for acceptance, mainly through firm negotiation

the quotation of Yibin Tianyuan PVC is stable. The price of type 5 electric stone delivered by cash in Sichuan is 5000 yuan/ton, the price of type 8 is 200 yuan/ton, and some actual orders are slightly lower

v. future forecast

the market holiday atmosphere is still strong. Traders are generally enthusiastic about quotation, mainly according to the market. In the downstream, factory rework is general, and the wait-and-see mentality occupies the mainstream. I haven't heard much about the firm offer. It is expected that there will be no major changes in the PVC market in the short term

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