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Analysis of problems needing attention in the construction of wall and roof beam formwork

with the approach of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, various Olympic projects and Olympic supporting projects are under intense construction, and various structural forms will appear. The floor height changes in a variety of ways, the floor height is staggered, and the floor height is up to 112 meters. It is common that the formwork construction is very difficult. Considering the importance of formwork engineering, Therefore, this paper mainly introduces the roof and wall with a storey height of more than 6 meters and the precautions for the industrialization of research results in the construction of beam formwork with a height of 2 meters

at the same time, the technical personnel of each project are carefully calculating the stress of the formwork during the construction of the wall and roof, and preparing the construction plan, but there are always various inspection problems during the construction. Here I mainly explain some problems that may occur during construction

I. roof construction

1. The main problems are as follows:

(1) when the roof concrete pouring is about to end, the general concrete pouring is hundreds of cubic meters, and the middle of the roof collapses

(2) when the roof concrete is poured to half, the roof inclines to a certain direction, resulting in the phenomenon of pushing Pai Jiu

(3) when the roof beam is constructed at the same time, especially when the beam reaches a height of one to two meters below the roof, it is found that the lower end of the beam swings and tilts during concrete pouring, and waves appear after formwork removal

(the measurement and control system adopts stc8800 Universal Experimental card, which is a microcomputer built-in PCI experimental card based on PCI interface. 4) when the roof beam is constructed at the same time, the formwork at the beam side is found to be cracked during the concrete pouring process

2. Main causes of problems:

(1) there is no tie rod or horizontal steel pipe tie at about 1.2m away from the top plate of the roof support system

(2) the roof support system has no diagonal support around or the support is not supported on the surrounding wall

(3) the roof support system does not form a whole

(4) the diagonal support spacing of the beam is too large or just tighten the beam bolts first

(5) there is no closing square at the lower opening of the beam or the bolts through the beam are set too high

3. Solution:

(1) connect the roof support system as a whole

(2) support the roof support system on the surrounding wall or add diagonal support around the roof support system

(3) a horizontal tie rod must be added at the 900mm distance between the roof support system and the roof

(4) a beam threading bolt must be added at 250mm from the bottom of the beam for the excessively high beam, and a closing square must be added to the keel at the bottom of the beam

(5) the diagonal support of the excessively high beam must be 600mm and supported symmetrically

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