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Dafeng manufacturer of Miyano turret machine tool

Dafeng manufacturer of Miyano turret machine tool

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Dafeng manufacturer of Miyano turret machine tool

Jinte machinery is the first-class agent of xitecheng (China) Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, At the same time, it is also a professional agent and investment agent authorized by Seiki Seiki Co., Ltd. in Chinese Mainland

in modern CNC lathes, self-study gas control technology will be introduced to follow the change of main cutting conditions, and automatically schedule the number of job participation, so that the processing process can adhere to the * * * job like. The size of the experimental force that the fixture can bear is a very important indicator of the fixture, and then get higher processing accuracy and smaller surface roughness, which can also advance the service life of the prop and the production power of the equipment. With the development of accounting machine technology, cad/cam graphic interactive automatic programming has been widely used, which is a new trend of numerical control technology. It uses the part processing drawing made by CAD, and then calculates the tool path in the machine. High nickel 811 material will become an important development trend data of power battery in the future for accounting and post-processing, and then automatically produces the part processing program to complete the integration of CAD and cam. With the development of CIMS technology, cad/cam system programming appeared at that time. The difference is that the processing parameters required for programming are directly obtained from the CAPP database in the system without manual participation. The reliability of CNC lathe has always been the primary policy that users are most concerned about

in the process of NC addition, the processing program of NC lathe can usually be divided into three modules: the beginning of the processing program, the content of the processing program, and the completion of the processing program with the theme of "innovation driven leading development" in this exhibition. The contents and common program codes of these three modules are described below. It mainly defines the program number, calls out the part processing coordinate system and processing tool, and checks l/d

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