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Integrating the success of the industry, Schneider Electric and its partners went to Shanghai, China for the appointment of digital energy efficiency. Recently, on January 23, 2019, Schneider Electric held a grand summit of Elite Partners in power management in Shanghai, signed contracts with a number of new partners, and reached a renewal with existing elite partners. During the meeting, Schneider Electric showed its complete digital energy efficiency solution based on ecostruxure power to new and old friends, combined with the ecoxpert partner plan to improve the industry's digital ecosystem, and help more partners accelerate business transformation

Schneider Electric held the summit of Elite Partners in power management in Shanghai

unleash the potential of intelligence with digitalization

at present, digitalization is promoting the rapid development of intelligent distribution. The innovative technology represented by IOT provides different electric fields with energy consumption management means based on digital interconnection and intelligent collaboration, and further realizes energy conservation and efficiency increase by supporting the construction of a more safe and efficient power system. Taking this trend into account, Schneider Electric comprehensively upgraded the ecostruxure power intelligent power distribution architecture in 2018, and it is also very popular in strengthening WDS ⑴ 00 liquid crystal digital display electronic universal experimental machine! At the same time of network and information security, by integrating more interconnected high-performance medium and low voltage products, more professional edge control software and multi-function modules and full life cycle digital consulting services, and by transforming data into practical, intelligent, efficient and pragmatic business decisions, we can help customers create outstanding value in energy efficiency, power quality, electrical assets, operation and maintenance, etc. from capital expenditure to operating expenditure

it is worth mentioning that Schneider Electric has a deep insight into the important role of rapid deployment and efficient operation of power management in the realization of intelligent power distribution. Based on ecostruxure power and combined with rich industry application experience, it has created a complete and flexible power quality solution with rib fingers for gb/t 5280 (2) 002 self tapping screws, which is currently the first in the industry, to help customers grasp system hidden dangers at all times and provide targeted professional suggestions. At the same time, many digital software deployed in ecostruxure power medium and low voltage intelligent distribution solutions, such as PSO 9.0/PME 9.0 power management software and poi plus station control experts, will also be in their respective positions and continue to release digital value

gather elite strength to help industry transformation

while continuously improving intelligent distribution solutions, Schneider Electric knows that the diversified needs of a complete ecological chain from the power generation side to the power consumption side cannot be met by the efforts of a single enterprise alone. The gradual implementation of intellectualization in the field of power distribution and energy conservation needs to take advanced solutions as the cornerstone, and combine the professional wisdom of different sub sectors to explore more effective ways in the process of building a more open ecosystem. Therefore, the ecoxpert cooperation program came into being. Since its launch in 2016, Schneider Electric has gradually improved the certification system and special training plan of ecoxpert cooperation plan, aiming to help partners including complete sets plants, technology providers, software developers and other partners improve their professional technical level, business ability and brand value, and improve the innovation ecosystem in the field of medium and low voltage distribution by sharing industry resources and experience. By the end of 2018, a total of 8 enterprises had obtained the certification qualification of Schneider Electric master ecoxpert partner

On the day of the meeting, President Wang of Jilin Hongsheng Control Technology Co., Ltd. expressed his deep recognition for the ecoxpert partners and said that Schneider Electric led the industry to practice digital energy efficiency management through the ecoxpert plan, which provided us with great help from technical practice to industrial resources in the implementation of specific projects, And use its brand effect to help us win orders effectively

Xie Jijun, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of digital energy efficiency business in China, said: in 2019, Schneider Electric will continue to pay attention to the digital practice of the medium and low voltage market, continue to support the deployment of more enterprises in technology, business, promotion and other aspects, and based on the innovative architecture of ecostruxure power and more digital tools and services, promote the establishment of the industry's digital ecosystem with the help of industry experts, and work with more partners, Carry forward the trend of IOT and enable the digital transformation of the industry

senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of digital energy efficiency business in China should implement the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator Xie Jijun

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