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On October 10, Hebei Zhengda float glass quoted about 1314 for 3.5mm. The discovery of such new materials is an unexpected joy for researchers in the computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory 28 yuan/ton, down 11.42 yuan/ton from the day before yesterday. Hebei Daguang float glass was 3.8mm, about 1305.26 yuan/ton, down 10.54 yuan/ton from the day before yesterday. On October 10, the China glass composite index closed at 1144.39, down 0.04 points from the previous transaction, higher requirements for environmental protection and energy conservation, and greater efforts to promote utilization. It fell for the first time since August 28

in the macro aspect, recently, according to a financial media report, Bank of China Shanghai Branch has canceled the interest rate discount of 8.5% on the first home loan and increased the interest rate on the second home loan. The Bank of China has drawn up a new round of tightening policies for housing loans, which may be issued to all points in Shanghai and implemented in mid October

according to market analysis, on October 10, fg1401 peaked at 1326 points and peaked at 1316 points, down 0.15% to close at 1318 points, down 2 yuan/ton from the closing price of the previous trading day. It quickly rose to 1326 points in the morning and was blocked, maintaining a weak and volatile trend throughout the day. Moreover, the wear resistance is not good

in view of the gradual price adjustment at the spot market, the signal needs to be further verified. In terms of operation, it is suggested that fg401 should maintain a partial empty mentality and take a short empty operation, pay attention to 1326 points of the leading resistance level and 1350 points of the second resistance level, and test 1300 points of integer level support downward

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