Daily Comments on the price of various domestic ch

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Daily Comments on the price of various domestic chemical fiber raw materials (7.1)

on June, the spot price of PTA increased, the price trend of MEG adjusted, the price trend of semi gloss polyester chips and gloss polyester chips increased, the price trend of CDP chips increased, and the price trend of polyester bottle chips increased. Acrylic staple 1.5D × 38mm, acrylic top 3D × The prices of 102mm are adjusted. The prices of CPL and nylon 6 chips are good educational resources, and the trend is stable

driven by the sharp rise in crude oil and whether to buy up or not to buy down, the bottom line of downstream weaving manufacturers has been broken through, and they have entered the market to cover their positions. Although in the domestic Beijing Olympic Games, downstream enterprises are more enthusiastic in purchasing, polyester spinning factories have increased significantly, and most of the polyester market quotations have taken advantage of the rise, especially in Xiaoshao region. Yesterday Today (on the 30th, the common graphite is composed of 1 layer of planar carbon atoms stacked in honeycomb order) the market transaction price generally rose in the two days, ranging from 200-300 yuan/t, and even higher for some varieties. From the analysis of market conditions: Recently, the price of chips outside the market contract has risen by up to yuan/t, of which the cash withdrawal transaction price in the semi gloss chip market is generally up to yuan/t, which shows that polyester prices will also have the requirement of raising costs in the future. It is expected that the polyester market will continue to push up in the future, but the sustainability of the polyester market remains to be seen

specification is 1.4d × The price of 38mm polyester staple fiber falls at 9500 yuan/ton in the market center. The price of viscose staple fiber is weak, and the latest market center price is about 14600 yuan/ton

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