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Common lithium battery testing equipment Dacheng precision recommendation

up to now, lithium battery measurement has become more and more important in the production process of lithium battery products, because a little error in the products of mass-produced manufacturers will lead to product scrap, which is why lithium battery measurement has become more and more important. What are the commonly used lithium battery testing equipment in the production of products? Let's get to know each other today

I. laser thickness gauge (coating type/rolling type)

typical application:

thickness measurement of coating and rolling of cathode and anode of lithium battery

the coating laser thickness gauge can be placed behind the coating head and in front of the oven to measure the thickness of the coated wet film; It can also be placed behind the oven and before winding to measure the thickness of the dry electrode sheet; The roller type laser thickness gauge is placed behind the pressing roll and before coiling to measure the thickness of the electrode after pressing


1) marble C-frame and guide shaft base, no stress, to ensure long-term stability

2) coaxiality adjustment device for upper and lower laser light paths (Dacheng patent); Make the jaw symmetrically clamp the sample as required

3) coating laser thickness gauge: thickness contour measurement function of edge thinning area; (unique)

4) roller type laser thickness gauge: small idler support, reducing the tilt angle of the pole due to uneven tension of the pole

5) roller type laser thickness gauge: composite multi-layer isolation design, completely isolating all vibration interference sources; (unique)

II. X/β Typical applications:

coating of positive and negative electrodes of lithium batteries, coating of isolation film of lithium batteries, and surface density measurement of paper

when used in the coating process of lithium battery, the equipment can be placed after the unwinding of the adhesive coater and before the cloth head, and the area density of the substrate to be coated can be measured

it can also be placed outside the oven and before winding, and the density of the dried polar surface can be measured

product highlights:

1) marble O-frame structure, ensuring long-term stability and deformation

2) compared with domestic equipment and instrument manufacturers, they can take advantage of and even pay for the replacement of instrument standards, and the maximum scanning speed can reach 25m/min

3) radiation shielding effect < 1usv/h

4) imported high-precision ionization chamber: the measurement accuracy is as high as ± 0.25 ‰

5) it can form a closed-loop control with the coater

Founded in 2011, Shenzhen Dacheng precision equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading domestic new energy equipment manufacturer integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and service. In 2016, the company was recognized as a "national high-tech enterprise". The company focuses on non-destructive measurement of area density and thickness of lithium battery electrode, paper, film, metal foil, isolation film, etc. its main products are β X-ray area density meter, X-ray area density meter, high-precision laser thickness meter, etc

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