Czech Petrochemical will become a major PP produce

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Czech Petrochemical will become a major PP producer in Central Europe

Czech Petrochemical Company (chemopetrol) will become a major PP producer in Central Europe by 2003

the company currently has a set of PP device that consumes color changing coating and ink. The market revenue is expected to reach US $2billion, with a production capacity of 250000 CZK (about 39 kroner, equivalent to US $1), resulting in two purification tons/year. After the device is put into operation, the company will become a major PP manufacturer in Central Europe

the device will be supplied by Foster Wheeler company and adopt the patented technology of Amoco company of the United States. Its completion will meet the growing per capita demand for PP in the Czech Republic, which will gradually increase from 13 kg/year in 2001 to 18 kg/year. Central and Eastern Europe has huge market potential. The per capita consumption of plastic is only 5 kg/year, far below the average consumption of EU countries. The existing units of chemopetrol were put into operation in the mid-1980s, with a production capacity of 125000 tons/year. They will be closed after 2003

the construction of this PP plant, together with the polyethylene plant being constructed by chemopetrol and the reconstruction and expansion of ethylene plant, such as between 11V and 32V, is one of the largest investments in the Czech chemical industry since 1989. The total cost of the above three projects is close to CZK 8.5 billion

after these projects are completed, chemopetrol will double its plastic production capacity, close to 600000 tons/year. Most of the shares of chemopetrol are held by the Czech holding company unipetrol

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