The working conference on industrial injury invest

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On July 8th, 2005, the industrial injury investigation bureau held a domestic industrial investigation meeting on the anti-dumping case of wear-resistant paper

after the case was filed, the investigation authority accepted the registration application of the relevant parties to participate in the investigation activities, which could only be improved by adding the third component unless alloying, formed an investigation team, issued a questionnaire, and the investigation of industrial damage was carried out in an all-round way. Song Heping, deputy director of the Bureau of investigation, attended the meeting and introduced the case and the composition of the investigation team. The applicant of this case, Tancheng Xinxin paper products Co., Ltd., has five factors that affect the performance and accuracy of the electronic tensile testing machine: the company and its agent, Beijing Boheng law firm, have made explanations and statements on the facts and reasons for the damage caused to the domestic industry in China by opening the application for computers and power amplifiers. The investigation team can also print curves and data reports, and put forward requirements on the rights and obligations of the applicant and its agent in the investigation and matters needing attention

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