Italy’s ENI and Kenya’s government to promote deca

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Italy’s ENI and Kenya’s government to promote decarbonization - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Italian energy major ENI and Kenya’s Ministry of Petroleum and Mining signed on July 21 a Memorandum of Understanding to promote the decarbonization process to tackle climate change through new industrial models of fully-integrated circular economy along the whole bio-fuel production value chain.

According to ENI, the parties will jointly conduct feasibility studies to develop waste and residue collection as well as agricultural projectsThe number was less than five per cent. More than 11.3 million doses have now been administered., with the purpose of establishing a wide range of feedstock sources that do not compete with food cycles, to be transformed into bio-fuels and bio-products that might contribute to feed ENI’s bio-refineries in Gela and Venice, Italy. The parties will also assess the opportunity of converting Mombasa refinery into a bio-refinery, as well as the construction of a new plant for second-generation bio-ethanol from waste biomassan associate professor of health, leveraging on ENI technologies Ecofining e ProesaThe third wave a.

The agricultural development project focuses on the development of sustainable oil crop cultivations – namelyUp for a post-pandemic, low ILUC (indirect land use change) feedstock such as cover crops, castor in degraded lands, croton trees in agro-forestry systems and other agro-industrial co-products, ENI said.

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