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For people with decoration experience, half package decoration can better control the bulk of decoration costs and avoid the traps of some decoration companies with poor reputation. However, for some friends who don't know much about decoration and want to adopt half package decoration, they must learn the four main points of half package decoration

1. Learn to determine the design scheme

decoration design is the soul of the whole decoration project. Half package decoration can also find a designer to help design the home. If you think you don't know much about decoration, you may consider asking a designer to discuss the style and functional zoning you want to create with the designer. Of course, if you are a decorator, you can also design the decoration of your home to create a home that conforms to your personality

2. Measure the field area

after finalizing the decoration plan, the decoration company will generally come to the door to measure the size. At this time, the householder also needs to learn how to measure the size, especially in the process of selecting building materials, corresponding to different areas of space, the color and size of building materials are also different

3. Make a proper budget for main materials by yourself

choose half package decoration, and the decoration company will generally give a half package budget. At this time, the owner can formulate his own main material budget table according to the budget details given by the decoration company, so as to have a certain plan when purchasing main materials and avoid serious overspending in the later stage

4. After determining the budget quoted by the decoration company

the quotation budget given by the decoration company, the householder needs to further confirm the size and area in the quotation, as well as the unit price of materials, and try to measure and calculate the site size once by himself. How can decoration save money? On, free design budget quotation. Avoid losses. Generally, in the quotation of half package decoration, there will be: material cost, labor cost, design cost, garbage removal fee, management fee and tax





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