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Imported high-end sanitary ware Ypsilon sanitary ware [Italian home]

Ypsilon is a concept, which has been transformed from the original design into reality. It comes from the design inspiration of the innovative entrepreneur vittoriobottacin. At present, in the Veneto region, it has the strength of the scpone brand, which is the furniture sales history of scpone in foreign markets for 30 years

ypsilon has its own excellent vision for grasping trends, and it can accurately grasp wisdom and abandon ignorance. Ypsilon furniture not only pays attention to the traditional technology of products, but also takes into account the characteristics of different regions and takes the international route

in fact, every piece of furniture of Ypsilon is made by the original Italian factory! Its first bathroom series furniture was created by two young designers Sandro meneghello and Marco paolelli from Milan. Their studio headquarters and exhibition hall are located in the picturesque Padua, a 19th-century villa. Their products have won many important international awards, including three nomination awards for youth and design, three red dot design awards and two design plus awards

why choose Ypsilon: if you want to ask why you choose Ypsilon, we will answer "why not choose Ypsilon?" How to explain this sentence? For example, the discovery of human Y chromosome means the discovery of how life is created. Ypsilon, like Y chromosome, has become a tool for designers to decipher new styles and a source of inspiration

the main reason is that Ypsilon has a beautiful sense of lines, which breaks away from the restrictions of location on furniture placement, or directly breaks through the traditional imagination space and creates a new space scheme. In the design of bathroom furniture, we didn't choose to stick to the rules, but boldly innovate products that pursue a new vision and user pleasure. They are low-key but gorgeous, rigorous but without redundancy, giving us space to imagine and giving them life

Ypsilon is committed to the research and development of dynamic design. Its love for ideological space and the designer's open and free design concept are reflected in the furniture design, which is also the most pure side of Ypsilon in the design

Ypsilon has crossed the traditional boundaries of space and created many new furniture products that can reflect contemporary art and lifestyle. Ypsilon is just like the somatic cells of life, which can constantly add new life




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