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Errors in any link of wallpaper laying may lead to the scrapping of the whole wallpaper, so the steps of wallpaper pasting are very important and must be strictly controlled. What are the steps of pasting wallpaper and what matters need special attention? Let's have a look

1. Uprooting the wall: remove the original paint and other objects on the wall, use gypsum powder to supplement the cracked parts of the wall, and stick bandages after leveling; If it is a sand and ash wall or partition wall, it should also be covered with glass wool cloth or dacron cloth; Some partitions or external walls with poor quality need to be fully nailed with gypsum boards to achieve the thermal insulation effect

2. Cutting Wallpaper: measure the height of the wall first, and then cut the length of the wallpaper. There are two cases: cut the wallpaper with an additional length of about 5 to 8 cm according to the height of the wall, and use it as upper and lower trimming: how to save money in decoration? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. The symmetry of the pattern should be taken into account for the decorative wallpaper, so the cutting length should be increased according to the actual situation, usually 8 to 10 cm longer

3. Brushing glue solution: brush the glue solution of wallpaper on the back of the cut wallpaper with a brush, and pay special attention to the surrounding edges must be coated with glue solution to ensure the construction quality. Place the coated wallpaper face to face for 5-10 minutes (note that no external force is allowed to be applied to prevent the wallpaper from folding, especially the no harm cloth) so that the glue solution completely penetrates into the bottom of the paper, and then post it. Brush several wallpaper each time and post it in order

4. Wallpaper construction: generally, the first wallpaper is pasted on the side of the door or internal corner from top to bottom. Use a scraper from top to bottom, from inside to outside, gently scrape the wallpaper, extrude bubbles and excess glue, and make the wallpaper flat and close to the wall

5. Before pasting wallpaper, turn off the power supply: when pasting wallpaper, if there is a power switch or socket on the wall, you can turn off the main power supply first, then cover all the power supplies and sockets with the wallpaper, cut two diagonals from the center of gravity, and four small triangles will be displayed. Then remove the excess wallpaper around with a art knife. How to paste wallpaper

6. Trimming and cleaning: cut off the excess wallpaper at the upper and lower ends, and the knife edge should be sharp to avoid rough edges. When cutting some wall cloths, it is best to use Japanese imported blades that sell for 1.5 yuan a piece on the market. Wipe the glue left on the surface of the wallpaper with water with a sponge to prevent the wallpaper from turning yellow. If bubbles are found on the surface after the wallpaper is dry, cut it with a knife, inject the glue and flatten it (preferably with a needle cylinder). The above is all the steps of pasting wallpaper, whether you paste it yourself or let a professional wallpaper paver paste it, it will be helpful to you after reading this article




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