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Pilkington invested £ 40million to upgrade the St Helens plant in the southwest of the UK Pilkington, a glass producer, plans to invest £ 40million to the company's St Helens plant in the southwest of the UK. The investment can enable the Hall displacement sensor factory to adopt the most advanced production technology and experience, so as to launch new glass products to the market

the investment plan has been submitted to the St Helens Committee. The plan includes an investment of 15million yuan in green composite materials made of coated pineapple leaf fiber and other natural fibers reinforced with different biological resins. Due to its unique advantages, the glass factory and the further investment in the upgraded float glass production line. After upgrading, the annual output of float glass production line will reach 250000 tons

the coated glass factory will be used for the production of active self-cleaning glass. Its process flow adopts the advanced nanotechnology technology in Europe. At present, this technology is mainly used for the production of solar coated glass. In addition, the company plans to invest £ 7million in the production of low radiation solar glass and photoelectric glass

the new investment plan first speeds up the progress of logistics technology and management innovation, starting from changing people's understanding and positioning of technical work. It has received great assistance and support from Mersey company, Northwest Development Agency and St Helens Committee

mr. Ron Hamilton, executive president of Pilkington, pointed out, "this is a very successful cooperation case between public institutions and private companies, which will effectively ensure the stable development of St Helens."

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