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Pingguo County vigorously promotes the construction of the "100 billion aluminum industry project"

according to the Pingguo County People's government, in recent years, Pingguo County has earnestly implemented the spirit of the first half work conference of the autonomous region and Baise City and the decision to build Baise into an emerging aluminum industry base, given full play to the county's advantage of taking the lead in forming the scale of the aluminum industry in the city, carefully planned the development of the aluminum industry in the next three years, and concentrated on expanding and strengthening the aluminum industry, Strive to achieve the output of 1.8 million tons of alumina, 800000 tons of electrolytic aluminum and more than 800000 tons of aluminum deep processing by 2010, and the output value of the aluminum industry will reach more than 40billion yuan. At the same time, vigorously develop the aluminum supporting industry, form a production scale with an annual output of 600000 tons of carbon and 100000 tons of fluorinated salt, and vigorously promote the construction of 100 billion aluminum industry projects in the city

accelerate the construction of the industrial park and create a platform for the development of the aluminum industry

at present, the first park of Pingguo Industrial Park has completed the construction of 10 roads, four horizontal and six vertical, totaling 21 kilometers; The water supply and drainage, power supply and communication networks are complete, which fully meets the needs of current enterprises to invest and build factories. By the end of August this year, 38 enterprises had settled in the park, with a total investment of 7.326 billion yuan, of which 19 were put into operation

in the next three years, the county will steadily promote the construction of the park in accordance with the overall planning of the 30 square kilometer area, the phase III production area, the living service area and the three sub parks from a high starting point and high standard, in accordance with the principles of sound institutions, unified planning, phased implementation, rolling development and the pursuit of benefits. It will concentrate human, material and financial resources, raise funds for the construction of the park at multiple levels and through multiple channels, and comprehensively implement the construction of water, electricity and road infrastructure, Complete the overall framework of the park, make it a major industrial park in Baise City and an important aluminum processing base in the autonomous region, effectively undertake the industrial transfer in the East and attract aluminum enterprises

make unremitting efforts to select business and investment, and inject inexhaustible power into the development of aluminum industry

the county strives for three innovations in investment promotion methods, mechanisms and fields, and continuously strengthens three aspects in project tracking, investment promotion and soft environment governance, and external contact coordination. Focus on the characteristic resource type, supporting industry type and cost advantage type, pay close attention to the characteristic investment attraction and key investment attraction, boldly introduce enterprises with molten aluminum as raw materials, and improve the aluminum processing capacity; Innovate the investment promotion mode, improve the incentive mechanism for investment promotion, and mobilize the enthusiasm of the whole society for investment promotion; Continue to lower the threshold and attract foreign investment with more preferential policies; Package and promote a number of major projects, especially aluminum related projects, including aluminum raw material projects and aluminum processing projects; Innovate the approval methods, reduce the approval links, improve work efficiency, provide high-quality services, and introduce large projects with boldness and boldness. Within this year, the county will strive to promote more than 40 projects, sign more than 30 projects, with a total investment of more than 5billion yuan; More than 20 start-up projects were implemented, with more than 1billion yuan of funds in place

comprehensively strengthen the project work and rapidly increase the scale of the aluminum industry

first, implement the promotion mechanism of major projects, speed up the project implementation and improve the project performance rate. The coordination of projects that have not been started urges them to start construction as soon as possible. Those that have started construction should step up construction, and those that have been completed should be put into operation as soon as possible. A set of supervision mechanisms should be implemented for each project until they are put into operation

the second is to further improve the project operation mechanism and provide all-round services to large enterprises and projects. All departments at all levels and all walks of life in the county provide all-round high-quality services to large enterprises, strive to make breakthroughs in promoting the existing backbone enterprises to become bigger and stronger, constantly expand the industrial scale, and improve the industrial quality and core competitiveness

third, vigorously support the upstream and downstream projects of the traditional aluminum industry, expand the production scale of prebaked anode carbon, fluoride, sulfuric acid, etc., and actively develop other chemical products with great potential, such as promoting titanium dioxide, sodium aluminosilicate and other projects, so as to further serve the aluminum industry and highlight the dominant position of the aluminum industry. Through comprehensive promotion, at present, the construction of a number of introduced large aluminum related projects in the county, such as Huamei, Anchi, Anton, Haohai and special aluminum, has been significantly accelerated

vigorously strengthen independent scientific and technological innovation and focus on brand driven strategy

over the past few years, the county has attached great importance to guiding enterprises to do a good job in scientific and technological innovation and brand building in industrial development, and a number of modern new industrial enterprises with large output value, low energy consumption and low emissions have emerged in the county; The market share of aluminum related products produced by Guangxi Baihe, Qiangqiang carbon, Asia Aluminum, Ping'an aluminum group and other enterprises continues to expand, and the trademarks of Qiangqiang, Ping'an aluminum, and Jinping fruit are well known both inside and outside the region. Adhering to independent innovation and technological progress is an inevitable requirement for promoting new-type industrialization. In the future, the county will continue to take building famous brands as an important measure to promote the construction of new-type industrialization, encourage and support enterprises to increase investment in scientific and technological innovation in terms of policies and funds, actively guide enterprises to take the road of rejuvenating enterprises with famous brands and science and technology, and guide and encourage enterprises to develop products with independent intellectual property rights, Continuously strengthen the cultivation of famous brand products, create independent brands, create a number of national inspection free product brands, vigorously implement the brand strategy, make every effort to improve the regional industrial level and overall competitiveness, and promote the development of aluminum industry with the brand strategy

do a good job in environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction to ensure that the aluminum industry can rely on a large number of key materials for import without fundamentally changing the situation of sustainable development

focus on greening and reclamation, and strengthen the improvement of the mine environment to promote the continuous improvement of the mine environment; Strict environmental access. The introduced enterprises must go through strict environmental assessment procedures to promote the construction of enterprises towards the goal of high-tech content, high added value, low pollution and low energy consumption; Strictly enforce the three simultaneous system of environmental protection facilities and enterprise construction, urge enterprises to increase environmental protection investment, and never allow production if environmental protection facilities do not meet the standards; Allocate funds to support energy-saving and consumption reducing technological transformation projects of enterprises, and increase support for ecological and environmental friendly economy; Efforts will be made to promote the construction of key industrial emission reduction projects and strive to start the construction of industrial sewage treatment plants within this year. Strive to achieve 100% comprehensive treatment rate of industrial wastewater, waste gas and waste residue in the county by 2010; The Pingguo section of Youjiang River has reached above the national grade III standard for surface water environmental quality. At the same time, efforts have been intensified in afforestation and closing mountains for afforestation. In 2010, the urban green coverage rate has increased to more than 30% and the county forest coverage rate has increased to 61%

gradually eliminate constraints and solve the development problems of aluminum industry

at present, the development of aluminum industry in the county faces six major problems, such as over reliance on mineral resources, unreasonable capacity expansion, power shortage, relatively high electricity price, the second phase of electrolytic aluminum project has not been launched, the expected supply of electrolytic aluminum is seriously insufficient, the indicators of industrial land are limited, environmental emission control pressure is high, and the supply of aluminum water special line is not perfect

For this reason, the county will continue to accelerate the construction of electrolytic aluminum phase II project, implement the coal electricity aluminum integration project, expand the output of electrolytic aluminum, and then promote the deep processing of aluminum materials; What new technologies, highlights and processes will they bring to the industry by accelerating power construction, coordinating and striving for power consumption indicators, and striving for national use? Let's have a preview! Electricity preferential policies; Intensive use of land; Accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity, focus on the elimination of backward production capacity in key industries and fields such as cement, steel, ferroalloy and wine one day before the release of revenue figures by Liansu, and set environmental emission targets for the development of aluminum industry; Strengthen coordination with Chalco Guangxi Branch, scientifically allocate aluminum water supply, gradually break through the bottleneck of aluminum industry development, realize sound and rapid development of aluminum industry, and comprehensively promote the construction of 100 billion aluminum industry projects in the city

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