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Zhongliangshan is one of the four mountains in the central urban area of Chongqing, covering Chongqing high tech Zone and six districts including Shapingba, Jiulongpo, Dadukou, Beibei, Yubei and Jiangjin. The forest area is 393.89 square kilometers, and there are 14 Natural Reserves. It is an important ecological barrier in the Yangtze River Basin

in July, 2019, Zhongliangshan launched the pilot of forest leader system, with the main task of rectifying violations, reducing the stock, restoring the ecology and promoting development as the main task, and made heavy efforts to rectify and explore boldly. The municipal forest leader directed and personally promoted the forest leader system, carried out 3 special investigations on the forest leader system and 2 on-the-spot forest patrols. As a member unit of Zhongliangshan forest director's office, the relevant municipal departments, as well as the main principals of the District Committee, the district government and the Management Committee of Chongqing high tech Zone in the six pilot areas, serve as the district forest director, forming a good pattern of linkage, joint management and smooth coordination

Zhongliang mountain forest director's office proposed four key tasks, including implementing ecosystem governance, building mountain ecological parks, strengthening forest resources protection, and innovating management systems and mechanisms, to guide Chongqing high tech Zone and the six pilot areas to formulate implementation plans in combination with the actual situation of the region. Adhere to the wall chart operation and the promotion of tabulation, establish work accounts, implement inventory, project and item management, and ensure that all the work of the forest head system is supervised, managed and supervised by others

at present, Zhongliangshan has established a three-level forest leader system of District, town street and village community, established a team of forest rangers, and established a horizontal to border and vertical to the end organization system, system and work system. Four mechanisms including construction and development, problem discovery, problem rectification and assessment have been established, and 273 forest director bulletin boards have been set up. Through daily inspection, open and secret visits, problem complaints and public opinion supervision, 126 forest related problems have been found in Zhongliang mountain, and 104 have been properly handled

based on the experience of comprehensive ecological environment improvement investigation of Jinyun Mountain, Zhongliang mountain, through on-the-spot inspection, information comparison and data extraction, has found out that the development prospect of illegally built polyurethane insulation materials is 10 points, with a vast construction area of 12.887 million square meters, an area of 3.15 square kilometers, 251 mines with an area of 8.1 square kilometers and 352 geological disaster sites that need ecological restoration. At the same time, we will promote the delimitation of the "three lines" of ecological protection red line, permanent basic farmland and urban development boundary, and clarify the boundary of ecological governance scope

Zhongliangshan takes the remediation of illegal buildings as the top priority of the pilot forest director system. It has established a closed-loop workflow of finding and reporting problems in the town and street, summarizing and transferring the problems by the district forest director office, implementing the disposal by the District Department, and feedback from the town and street. It has established a joint inspection and law enforcement mechanism led by the district forest director office and involving the planning of natural resources, urban management, ecological environment, forestry, agriculture and other departments. At present, the China Jinan universal testing machine puncture universal testing machine meets the parameters: a total of 2.495 million square meters of existing illegal buildings have been renovated in Liangshan, of which 61 buildings of "liangshanbo" project in Zhongliang Town, 2400 square meters of illegal buildings have been demolished in Shapingba District within 10 days, and a total of 2million square meters of illegal buildings have been renovated

Zhongliang mountain will strengthen natural restoration and strictly prevent new pollution sources and ecological damage points. A total of 3110 pollution sources were treated, 174 abandoned mines and other environmentally vulnerable areas were promoted for ecological restoration, 120000 mu of land greening was completed, and 278000 mu of pine wood nematode disease was eliminated. The pilot of the forest head system and the ecological project were promoted in all districts as a whole. Yubei district has implemented the forest quality improvement and efficiency enhancement action by combining the pilot of the forest director system with the land greening and improvement action, "double 100000" project and the renovation of natural reserves. Chongqing high tech Zone, Jiulongpo, Beibei, Dadukou, Jiangjin and other districts have combined the pilot of forest head system with forest intelligent management, and focused on building a "smart forest head" platform

in promoting the pilot work of the forest head system, Zhongliangshan has made great efforts to enhance the green development momentum, develop characteristic benefit agriculture, urban leisure agriculture, forest economy, etc. according to local conditions, guide all districts to lay out Shanxia industrial parks, and increase employment training, guidance and assistance. Jiulongpo District explores the positive interaction between ecological governance and cultural tourism in the coal mining subsidence area. In combination with the relocation of ecological immigrants and the restoration of mines in Huayan Town, nine major projects, including Jiulong in the center of Zhongliang mountain, mining time city and Chongqing hot spring, are implemented to develop the characteristic cultural tourism industry. Shapingba District will build Zhongliangshan Rural Revitalization demonstration zone, build a 1000 mu high-end flower nursery stock base, and create an agricultural tourism integration project integrating leisure, sightseeing, characteristic folk customs and farming experience

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