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At 2:00 p.m. on April 25, 500kV Huangbin lines I and II, an unmanned helicopter hovered 50 meters away from the transmission line to inspect the line carefully. At the same time, the ground control center received the relevant data and images transmitted by the unmanned helicopter. So far, the unmanned helicopter has successfully patrolled 39 base towers along the line, with a total length of 16 km. This marks that the pilot project of transmission line intelligent patrol inspection of UAV of Shandong company has officially launched the actual line inspection work, and has successfully taken the first step from research and development to practical application

in the pilot project, the UAV project team of the electric robot technology laboratory of Shandong Electric Power Research Institute will complete the UAV line patrol for 200 kilometers in 2011. In order to ensure flight safety, comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technology transformation will be carried out at the end of March. The development personnel will collect, verify and review each GPS data provided by relevant units. In five days, they slept in the fields, walked for 50 kilometers, and completed the GPS data review of 40 iron towers, providing accurate and reliable geographic information data for the long-term route inspection of the line. The R & D personnel have also formulated a detailed and perfect flight plan to ensure that every step is safe

the transmission line of Shandong company has no one-way valve, 5 μ The pilot project of man-machine intelligent patrol inspection of high-voltage oil filter and servo valve is a pilot project under the leadership of the Biotechnology Department and the Intelligent Electricity Department of the State Grid Corporation of China, based on the project of "Research on the application of unmanned helicopter in power transmission line patrol inspection" established by the State Grid Corporation of China, and is undertaken and implemented by Shandong Electric Power Research Institute. Its purpose is to give full play to the role of UAV in the intelligent inspection of national power transmission lines through the pilot project, so as to promote the automation, informatization and intelligence of power transmission line inspection

the construction of UAV intelligent patrol pilot project is to establish the UAV intelligent patrol application mode in accordance with the requirements of the notice on Issuing the plan for the second batch of pilot projects of strong intelligent electricity issued by the State Grid Corporation of China, with the improvement of the existing electric patrol mode and the formal entry into a new stage of transformation and upgrading of the domestic recycled plastic industry as the core, and with the development of UAV patrol application system as the focus. In general, for ideal ophthalmic materials, It is required to have stable physical and chemical properties, good biocompatibility, no antigenicity, no crowding out reaction, good tissue tolerance, no irritation, and no discomfort when implanted into the eye. It should have its own suitable characteristics for different uses, so as to improve the inspection efficiency of power transmission lines, ensure the safe operation of electricity, and serve the overall situation of strong intelligent power construction

the electric line patrol system of unmanned helicopter relies on the carrier of unmanned single hanging wing helicopter platform, and simultaneously carries high-definition visible light camera, infrared thermal imager, navigation control system, airborne sensor and its damping system. It can patrol the power transmission and transformation lines at the right time, find the faults and hidden dangers of the lines in time, and timely send the on-site conditions back to the ground control center, So as to make correct judgment and eliminate the circuit fault in time. This system can partly replace manual line patrol, greatly reduce the workload of power service personnel, avoid possible personnel hazards, improve the safety and reliability of electricity, and reduce the maintenance cost of power equipment. In november2010, the appraisal committee composed of senior experts such as academician caihegao of the Chinese Academy of Engineering agreed that the unmanned helicopter intelligent inspection system developed by Shandong Electric Power Research Institute has reached the international advanced level as a whole, and some technologies have reached the international leading level. In 2011, based on the research and development work in 2010, the practical research on the developed unmanned helicopter intelligent patrol system was carried out. The existing system was tested through flight patrol on the actual line, and the problems in the practical process were found and solved step by step. Build a complete UAV line patrol base to lay a good hardware infrastructure foundation for UAV flight patrol inspection and operator training in the future. Further improve the construction of professional talent team, cultivate and solidify a capable and efficient UAV patrol system operation team with high professional level, strong professional quality, and coordinate the development with the application and promotion of UAV patrol system to meet the needs of modern intelligent power construction

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