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Pingxiang Anyuan Printing Co., Ltd.: won the tea packaging market with its strength

Jiangxi Pingxiang Anyuan Printing Co., Ltd. followed the concept of integrity, quality and service in its market operation, and made great efforts to create the production and operation characteristics with tea packaging as the core

Anyuan Printing Co., Ltd. is a backbone leading enterprise with different fatigue analysis methods in Pingxiang tea packaging and printing base according to different fatigue damage situations. It is characterized by printing and processing all kinds of tea packaging. According to the production and development needs of the largest segment utilization market, it has built a production plant of nearly 7000 square meters in two phases. The company has introduced a number of imported four-color offset printing machines, plate making equipment, screen printing brush machines, bronzing machines, die-cutting machines and other complete sets of printing and processing equipment, with strong printing and processing capacity. With its technology, design style, product quality and after-sales service, the company's products are favored by tea merchants

the company has more than 40 varieties of tea packaging boxes and bags printed and processed throughout the year, including West Lake Longjing, Fujian Tieguanyin, Dahongpao, Yunnan Pu'er tea and other well-known brands. Among these tea packaging products, there are exquisite packaging boxes and ordinary tea packaging bags, with an annual output value of more than 40 million yuan. In the 11th five year plan, Jiangxi Publishing Bureau decided to take Pingxiang Anyuan Printing Co., Ltd. and Pingxiang Danyang color printing and packaging factory as the main body to build a tea packaging and decoration printing base in western Jiangxi

based on the market. Anyuan Printing Co., Ltd. vigorously develops the tea business based on the principles of market-based, market-oriented and market-oriented. Drinking tea is a living habit of Chinese people. With the gradual completion of a well-off society, the continuous improvement of people's living standards and quality of life, the demand for tea is also increasing. Tea packaging and printing has a broad market prospect. Anyuan printing takes the market as its foothold and develops the tea bag printing business. The salespersons go to the tea producing areas nationwide to undertake the tea bag printing business. With their sincerity and strength, they establish business relations with tea merchants and win the trust of customers by honest management, excellent quality and considerate service. After years of cooperation, Anyuan printing established a good business relationship, and soon gained a reputation abroad, attracting many tea merchants. Now, there is no need to go out for business anymore. Customers will take the initiative to deliver the business to the door

break into the market with brand. In the process of printing and processing tea packaging, Anyuan printing pays great attention to the brand building of tea bags, creates a tea bag printing brand, establishes brand advantages, takes each tea bag product as a brand, and carefully designs, carefully makes and compiles carbon fiber materials & nbsp; The new robot promotes the innovation and careful processing of space materials, especially the packaging of well-known brand tea. It tries to match the brand tea with the brand packaging, so as to win the reputation of customers and the market. After years of market-oriented operation, the brand effect has initially appeared, attracting more than 40 tea merchants from all over the country at most, which has made great contributions to the nationwide popularity of Pingxiang tea packaging and printing base. Now Anyuan printing has formed a fixed channel for tea bags

feature with design. Packaging design is the basis of packaging and printing and the re creation of artistic reproduction of the essence of products. Only good design can produce good prints. Anyuan printing understands the importance of packaging design very well, pays attention to packaging design, and has established an excellent design team. For each packaging product entrusted by the customer, it strives to be innovative, the pattern is close to the product, and the color is beautiful and generous. All of them are made into high-quality products, which meet the product requirements, carry forward the product characteristics, and become an important part of the tea bag characteristics

show strength by quality. Anyuan printing takes the product quality seriously, has formulated a strict quality management system, has a full-time quality inspector, and requires strict quality control for each process. Unqualified products will never leave the factory, so as to maintain the reputation of the enterprise and show the strength of the enterprise to customers

to serve customers. Anyuan printing takes service as a bridge to shorten the distance between customers, and makes every effort to do a good job in service. In the face of the new market situation, service is more important. They emancipate their minds, keep pace with the times, change their ideas, think about customers everywhere, contact with customers, complete the tea bag printing and processing tasks according to customers' requirements, deliver them to customers, and serve customers more attentively on the premise of ensuring quality

in the face of increasingly fierce competition in the tea packaging and printing market, gujianjun, general manager of the company, said: in recent years, although tea packaging and printing has made a brand and achieved some benefits, the market competition is very fierce. Some varieties have been poached by others, and the number of prints of some varieties has decreased, showing a downward trend, making it more and more difficult to do business. In order to protect its own brand, Anyuan printing increased innovation, strengthened communication with customers, constantly strengthened the enterprise, and accelerated the pace of strong alliance. In order to build an aircraft carrier for tea packaging and printing, Anyuan printing and Pingxiang Danyang color printing and packaging factory jointly invested 50million yuan to introduce Heidelberg five color UV offset printing machine, which enhanced the competitiveness and anti risk ability of the enterprise

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