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Pingtan rural commercial bank VTM (remote video teller machine) was officially launched

under the careful guidance and strong support of Fujian Associated Press, after intensive preparations since 2017, Pingtan rural commercial bank VTM (remote video teller machine) was officially launched on December 15, 2016. Customers can interact with remote tellers through video, and conveniently handle up to 77 personal non cash businesses, such as card opening, card replacement without insurance number, current transfer, business query, oral loss reporting, bank and SMS bank signing

(the teller handled business remotely for the customer)

at 5:30 on the day of launching, the business department had already settled the account, the customer Mr. Lin hurried to the business hall in a hurry, and the lobby manager guided the customer to VTM to handle card opening business. With the help of ID card and video verification, and the reduction of on-site authorized verification of the product series of each set of molds by the lobby manager, Mr. Lin 10. Long term battery storage handled his first bank card in our bank within 5 minutes. It's very convenient. In the future, you don't have to ask for leave during office hours to do business, Mr. Lin said

in order to adapt to the change of customer mode and speed up the transformation of traditional points, the remote video teller machine VTM came into being. In terms of implementation direction, VTM is mainly transformed from the following two power points: first, intelligence. According to statistics, at present, traditional bank employees mainly do some repetitive and cumbersome work. More than 70% of their time is spent on dealing with businesses that do not actually need face-to-face communication with customers, and less than 10% of their time is spent on core business marketing. However, intelligent devices such as VTM can realize 80% of the non current business, which liberates more manpower to invest in the bank value-added services that need personalized communication, and truly realizes the marketing strategy of tellers' going out; Second, experience. Mike Li, chairman of the global ATM Industry Association, once said that self-service devices are the face of banks, and banks need to make this face present more modern design and experience perception in the competition. VTM is such a device, which enables customers to enjoy better service experience and helps accelerate the construction of smart points

in our future work, we will continue to use high technology to upgrade our traditional services, bring more and better service experience to our customers, and strive to build a four good bank that is agriculture oriented, trusted, respected and excellent

(customers in the business hall come to experience)

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