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Ping++ joined hands with China Merchants Bank to officially open a one-way payment channel for merchants

on July 14, 2016, China Merchants Bank officially entered into a strategic cooperation with ping++ an aggregate payment SaaS service provider. All merchants who apply for access to China Merchants Bank's new one-way payment products through ping++ can open the exclusive discount of random reduction of the first payment for users

access to all-in-one payment through ping++ and enjoy the random reduction of linear allowance

on July 14, 2016, China Merchants Bank officially reached a strategic cooperation with ping++, a SaaS service provider for aggregate payment, to always maintain its surface lubrication and cleanliness when not in use. Any merchant applying to access to the new all-in-one payment product of China Merchants Bank through ping++ can open the exclusive discount for users to pay random reduction for the first time

China Merchants Bank attaches great importance to cross-border cooperation with Internet enterprises, and officially launched a new one-way payment product in may2016. Didi travel became the first application to access this product

as a new payment method, CMB all in one payment supports mobile app merchants in the first phase. Users can complete the opening and binding of multiple bank cards in the merchant app, and support the borrowing and credit cards of more than 10 banks, including CMB cards. When users purchase goods, they can complete the payment with the one-way payment password. The whole payment process is completed in the app, effectively improving the user's payment experience and order conversion rate

China Merchants Bank will also join the merchants above or below the standard value, and share with the merchants a high-quality customer group with tens of millions of connections, youth and high consumption through all-round publicity and promotion and a series of marketing activities

from August 1, China Merchants Bank will carry out the one pass new user random reduction activity and provide full marketing subsidies to merchants participating in the activity. At the same time, China Merchants Bank will provide the cooperative merchants with an interface to determine whether the machine quality is excellent or not, so that the merchants can carry out their own marketing activities. All merchants who access CMB all in one through ping++ can enjoy the above marketing support

in addition to mainstream payment channels such as Alipay, UnionPay and China Merchants Bank all in one, the wallet has also officially launched the ping++ payment aggregation cloud platform. Merchants facing post-90s and post-00s user groups can apply for wallet channels. So far, the payment and installment channels supported by ping++ which provides payment services for more than 10000 merchants have basically integrated all payment methods in the market. For thousands of enterprises, the demand for payment has long gone beyond collection. Merchants can also realize a series of demands such as enterprise payment (to, Alipay and bank card), WAP payment, identity and bank card authentication, and customs declaration through overseas shopping through ping++. Ping++ further improves the entire payment system

with the increasing fragmentation of payment channels, payment data, payment scenarios and payment demands, one-stop management of payment data has become the choice of more and more merchants through ping++ one-point access to payment channels. Ping++ will also further expand the service scope in the pan payment field in the future to help merchants realize the refined operation of data and the in-depth mining of user value

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