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Since this year, Anhui Jingtian hydraulic intelligent control Co., Ltd. has focused on the development of materials and products that can enhance the repair and regeneration of central nerves such as spinal cord and brain nerve. By selecting such massive data and making comparative judgments, it has become one of the "Dongfeng" in the centralized development pilot of Wuhu Mahe robot, The sales revenue of the engineering robot (manipulator) reached more than 30million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 50% to extend the service life of the sealing ring; Adopt the latest generation of servo control system with special servo power system. Since this year, Anhui Jingtian hydraulic intelligent control Co., Ltd. has continuously strengthened innovation and technical cooperation and actively explored the market by taking advantage of the fact that it has become a pilot of Wuhu Mahe robot cluster development. In January, the sales revenue of Engineering robots (manipulators) reached more than 30million yuan, which is the first negative growth in the past five years, with a year-on-year increase of 50%

in October last year, the national development and Reform Commission approved the Wuhu Mahe robot cluster development pilot project, and Jingtian engineering robot industrialization project was shortlisted, which brought good news to Jingtian company, which is in the critical period of transformation and development and industrial structure adjustment. In 2014, the development of Engineering robots of Jingtian company entered the fast lane. It has established extensive business cooperation and contacts with China Academy of Engineering Physics, Sichuan Institute of nuclear power, Huaxing company of China Nuclear Power Construction Group, Gansu Jinchuan Group, Shandong Weiqiao aluminum and Guizhou kaiphosphorus group, and sold 9 robots of various specifications; At the same time, it has provided 38 sets of Engineering manipulators for China nonferrous metals, China gold, Anshan Iron and steel, Maanshan Iron and steel and other large domestic metallurgical and mining enterprises. Many of the products are the first sets in China, filling the gap in the industry and achieving remarkable economic and social benefits

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