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Pingchang County color printing packaging production line capacity expansion investment invitation project introduction project name: color printing packaging production line capacity expansion project unit: Pingchang County Jiangcheng Packaging Printing Co., Ltd. project classification: industrial energy industry cooperation mode: sole proprietorship or joint venture European Union Commission lists graphene as one of the "flagship projects of future emerging technologies" project construction type: capacity expansion project content: equipment purchase, Expand the plant and carry out technical transformation and capacity expansion for the packaging production line

investment budget: 18.5 million yuan

proposed capital: 10million yuan

construction conditions: 1. Relatively complete infrastructure and accurate testing standards. This is why the opinions of the State Council on strengthening and improving fire protection issued by the State Council in Document No. 46 of the State Council on december30,2011 and the regulations on fire control supervision and management of construction projects issued on July 17, 2012 are convenient, fast in communication and sufficient in energy

2. Raw materials are guaranteed. Pingchang county is close to Dazhou City, which is the largest paper sales market in Northeast Sichuan, and the raw and auxiliary materials required for the project are purchased nearby; In addition, there are large paper production enterprises in Northeast Sichuan in the county, and most of the raw materials required for production are guaranteed by the factory

3. Abundant and cheap labor force

market analysis: the food industry in Pingchang County, which is dominated by Jiangkou alcohol and xiaojiaolou, is developing rapidly. There is a large demand for color printing packaging, with an upward trend of 30%. However, 80% of it is outsourced, with high costs and obvious localized profits of packaging production. Now, with the improvement of people's living material level, there are not only higher requirements for the internal quality of products, but also higher and higher requirements for product packaging. Color printing packaging is the general trend of wine products. Looking at China, the market prospect is also very broad

economic benefit analysis: after the project is completed and put into operation, the annual output of paper packaging and gift boxes will be 15million sets, and the annual output value will be 68million yuan, the sales revenue will be 65million yuan, the annual profit will be 11million yuan, and the investment payback period will be 1.9 years

contact: Tang Tianxing

address: No. 50, east section of Xinping street, Jiangkou Town, Pingchang county

contact: 13981 steady growth in export 683227

email: pcjmw-01@

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