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Pingchuan Changzheng industrial and commercial office seized a batch of fake and inferior paints on March 26, two chucks on the device of Pingchuan branch of Baiyin Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce conducted a special rectification action on the building materials market under its jurisdiction and seized a batch of fake and inferior paints

at present, it is the peak decoration season, the market demand for paint is rising, and many illegal businesses take the opportunity to confuse the false with the true to harm consumers. Taking the opportunity of cracking down on the illegal acts of manufacturing and selling fake and shoddy commodities and protecting the interests of famous and high-quality enterprises and consumers, the law enforcement officers of Changzheng industrial and commercial office conducted surprise inspections on 8 building materials sales stores, mainly checking the production date, shelf life, production plant address, certificate of conformity and the "one ticket" account of the paint in the building materials sales stores. Some operators made articles on the outer packaging of the paint in order to attract consumers to buy their own products, For example, the production date is marked backward with small indentation, false factory name and address, false publicity, etc. Law enforcement officers remind consumers to choose paint products with high popularity and obvious signs to protect their legitimate interests. During the inspection, 30 law enforcement personnel (Times) and 6 vehicles (Times) were dispatched, and 40 barrels of fake paint and 38 barrels of "three noes 5: hydraulic universal testing machine in the process of operation" lubricating oil were seized

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