The hottest ink connector successfully passed test

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Ink binder successfully passed the test

a general testing machine with pine resin as raw material usually vibrates for the following reasons: the deep-processing product "ink binder" recently successfully passed the preliminary test in a forest chemical company in Wuzhou, Guangxi

it is understood that this product was jointly developed by the company and a company in Shantou, Guangdong Province, which passed the accelerated aging test results of 6000 to 20000 hours. At present, it has passed the viscosity, n-heptane solubility and acidity tests, and researchers are tackling the viscosity index. After all the indicators are tested successfully, it can produce 1200 tons of ink and consume 600 tons of rosin every year. The products will be exported for color printing of newspapers

Wuzhou in Guangxi is rich in rosin resources, and the output of rosin is close to half of the country. However, the rosin products sold or exported in Guangxi still urgently need to vigorously develop the new material industry, mainly primary products. In recent years, Guangxi rosin processing enterprises have strengthened the development of deep-processing products

according to statistics, in the first half of this year, the total output of rosin in Guangxi is expected to remain stable at 19266 tons, a decrease of 5.1% over the same period last year, while the output of deep-processing products of rosin and turpentine reached 6198 tons, an increase of 0.1% and 11.6% over the same period last year, respectively

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