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Ink circulation system and its application analysis (IV)

as shown in Figure 4, the solvent recovery process is described

development of ink circulation system

at present, domestic and foreign companies have their products for ink circulation system. For example, the heliostar-2000 unit gravure printing machine produced by W H company adopts a newly developed and deeply discussed closed splash proof device for the ink supply device, which can completely prevent ink splashing in the inking process of the drum. The ink supply bucket of yad-51600p gravure prepress machine developed by Xi'an Aerospace Huayang printing and packaging equipment Co., Ltd. is self refluxing open type, and it can be manually adjusted up and down; The ink bucket has a capacity of 30 liters, the ink pump circulates the ink, and is equipped with an ink stirring stick; Self discharge electrostatic eliminator to ensure the overall effectiveness of use. Domestic ya7800d, ya1050d computer-controlled spring tension and compression testing machine application precautions and usual inspection items 1. Spring tension and compression testing machine application precautions, displacement sensor is 1 fine optical, mechanical, electrical measurement installation unit gravure printing machine ink supply system adopts the most advanced pneumatic diaphragm pump inking ink box device in China. To achieve full ink absorption in the concave part of the printing plate and ensure better image effect, the device forms an ink supply circulation system

SBD s05b1a2tpns000; The inking circulating pump is an American original pneumatic double diaphragm pump. Aluminum alloy pump body shell, with special coating protection, leak proof structure, solid all screw structure; The unique external air distribution system ensures outstanding durability; No lubricating oil, convenient for maintenance and inspection; The diaphragm is made of Teflon material with good solvent resistance. The general service life of the pump can reach 8 years, and it is widely used in gravure printing industry, ink manufacturing and other fields

the printing oil supply ink pump developed by Yamada yam ADA company in Japan has the following characteristics: ① stable mechanical air supply conversion system; ② The exhaust noise is greatly eliminated, and the metal noise is converted ③ the lubrication of the piston rod forms a/smooth spray system; ④ Improved air flow structure, not easy to freeze; ⑤ The pump mechanism attaches importance to quantification; ⑧ Compact design; ⑦ The reaction plate is easy to be inserted into the ink cylinder, and the sealing system with convenient replacement and variable outer diameter size; The following system of the pump has been patented: the reaction plate structure can effectively seal the inner wall after being inserted into the cylinder. When replacing the ink drum, the outer diameter of the envelope will be reduced and can be taken out smoothly. When exchanging ink, the ink will not fly away, will not pollute the surroundings, and will not waste ink

printing, especially packaging and printing enterprises, using automatic ink circulation system can effectively improve the automation of printing operations, reduce ink consumption, reduce the difficulty of operation, and improve printing quality. The ink can circulate, especially for improving the uniformity and transfer performance of the printing ink, ensuring the relative viscosity, concentration and stability of the oil and the scale ink measuring the gauge length between the two chucks in the printing process, and improving the printability and coloring effect of the ink. It improves the quality of printing products and improves the economic benefits of enterprises

in the future research and development, the ink supply system should make the drum dip ink well, operate without tools, and minimize the ink circulation and ensure the repeatability of working conditions on the premise of ensuring the ink viscosity. This is a trend in the development of ink supply system of gravure (flexible) printing press

Author: Li Fei, Tang Zhengning, Jiangnan University

corrugated box, July 2005

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