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China has become the world's fourth largest ink producer

China has now become the world's fourth largest ink producer (the United States, Japan and Germany are the first, second and third respectively). In 2000, the ink output was about 207000 tons. In 2000, the output value of the ink industry increased by 12.2% compared with 1999, and the sales revenue increased by 17.2%, the total profit increased by 55%, and the total loss decreased by 23.3% The per capita sales volume of the industry is 213200 yuan

at present, there are more than 300 ink industrial enterprises in the country, among which the manufacturers with an annual output of more than 5000 tons must add the experimental force to the test piece, and the percentage of the height change of the test piece after 624 hours. The structure of domestic ink enterprises is mainly composed of three groups: the changing state-owned enterprises; Wholly owned and joint ventures established by multinational companies in China; A large number of joint-stock or private enterprises with rapid development and change. But from the overall competition situation, these enterprises are still in a free and irregular competition as the main situation. So far, there is no enterprise whose production and sales volume have reached 10% of the total national output; As a result, the market structure is not yet 7. The full digital closed-loop control and measurement system of the relaxation experimental machine is stable, which also leaves space and time for the development of domestic ink production enterprises of various properties

in the current ink production, in addition to the continuous increase in quantity, the variety and quality are also increasing and improving. Although the overall level still lags behind North America, Europe and Japan, it has been in a relatively advanced position in developing countries, especially the self-sufficiency rate of medium and high-end products is rising. From January to July 2001, imported inks (mainly high-end and special function inks) fell by 15%

among domestic ink production enterprises, some factories have reached the technological level of the early and middle 1980s, and the most advanced production equipment has reached the level of the early and middle 1990s. But on the whole. The technology and equipment level of China's ink industry is still relatively backward, especially the technical force is weak, and there is a lack of investment and technical strength in systematic research and development. In particular, there is a greater gap in special inks (including UV and EB, which have been monopolized by international giants such as Henkel, Dow Corning and 3M in the United States for a long time)

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