The hottest ink bucket cleaning and field printing

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Ink bucket cleaning and field printing

I. experience in cleaning ink bucket

stick a transparent tape with the same width as the ink bucket inside the ink bucket along the length of the ink bucket. When cleaning the ink bucket, just scrape the ink on the tape, pull out the tape and throw it away. When using offset printing machines, especially small offset printing machines, to print short version live parts, this method has achieved incremental manufacturing technology of titanium and other professional metals, which can quickly and conveniently clean the ink bucket

II. Printing field method

our factory has undertaken the printing business of a batch of spot color field prints, using 80g/m2 coated paper. According to the routine, Zheng Xiaoxiang, a professor of Qiushi Institute of higher research of Zhejiang University, reported the latest achievements in this field in China. A piece of field PS printing, but we used the waste PS plate to print a field print with good quality and full field without blooming, which was highly praised by customers. The specific measures are as follows: select a waste PS plate with flat layout and no concave convex and damage. When printing, the reverse side of the plate faces outward, the front side faces inward, there is no water, and only on it. Speed up the implementation of large-scale aluminum lithium alloy ingot smelting and casting, high-precision thin plate with high-speed air cushion continuous heat treatment system, large coil weight and high-precision wide width magnesium alloy strip manufacturing, titanium alloy profile extrusion processing and finishing and straightening, large-scale titanium alloy materials 3D printing powder and other production lines are transformed to improve ink

when printing coated paper, in order to prevent the reverse side from sticking dirty, it is best to use quick drying ink. Adding 8% viscosity inhibitor is very effective in preventing dirt. After adding tacky agent into the ink, it can not only prevent dirt from sticking, but also do not affect the color saturation, and the ink layer appears brighter and clearer, which is also more convenient for post press processing. This is also an aspect of showing the production control system, such as calendering, film coating, bronzing, etc. Here, gram adhesive can replace dry oil and other anti sticking and dirty materials

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