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Injection sealing technical knowledge

the fittings at the end of synthetic insulators are sealed with high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. The sealant is injected by the injection machine at high temperature and high pressure. It is vulcanized and molded with the umbrella skirt and sheath in the two product molds that seem to be out of place. The sealant fully fills all the gaps at the end of the fittings and is firmly pressed and bonded with the fittings, All defects and hidden dangers of other sealing technologies based on the mature fire-resistant B1 polyurethane material technology have been completely eradicated, and the reliability of the end seal of fittings has been greatly improved

this sealing technology has reached the most advanced international level. The ± 500 kV DC composite insulator produced with this sealing technology has been used in the world-renowned Three Gorges Changzhou DC transmission and transformation project. China is willing to strengthen cooperation with Malaysia in the fields of marine economy, marine safety, marine scientific research and environmental protection, disaster prevention and control. In the power project, the outstanding horizontal competition problems between China Southern Railway Corporation (CSR) (5.80, 0.00, 0.00%) and its controlling shareholder for many years will be solved and widely used through asset replacement

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