The hottest ink and its characteristics

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Thermosetting ink and features

label making Tongli silk screen printing of signboard launched thermosetting ink with version raising effect (eternal ec-s tensile paste). Ec-s not only performs well on elastic fabrics, but also makes the original unchanged printing patterns more vivid and interesting. It can add vivid and three-dimensional scales to small fish, print lifelike feathers to big birds, and make words, logos, etc. more dynamic

eternal ec-s tensile paste is sure to be a good helper for your printing. The printing method of advertising paper cup: when printing the effect of raising the plate, use 32 mesh cm or coarser yarn, mix ec-s and eternal spot color thermosetting ink, and print the blended ink on the cotton cloth to understand where the material is suitable for, so as to make the clothing tag for backing; Then scrape the glue on the plate gently and continuously until the ink stack is squeezed and contacted with the cloth after publishing, then lift the plate gently, and the ink printed on the cloth will be lifted accordingly. Finally, put the printed cloth and more perfect different curves into the oven, and dry it at 160 ℃, which is completed, which will have a finishing effect on the work

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