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The prosperity of the ink industry moves forward with your heart   Yongai pouring ink wholesale prices have also increased

China ink trading on October 21: the ink industry has been constantly innovating and developing, especially today, when the demand for ink in various industries in China is rising, let's make a brief analysis of the prosperity of the ink industry

since 2014, China's printing industry has entered a low profit era, and the wholesale price of ink has also increased. The reshuffle of the industry will move the middle of the printing industry from the East and other coastal cities to the northwest. Under the new round of reshuffle, there will be some high-quality companies with strong competitiveness, excellent skills and industrial concentration, and printing companies will present a series of large collectivized companies and industrial clusters. Therefore, if the company wants to get the first opportunity in future restructuring and mergers and acquisitions, it must master the arteries of the industry from time to time and master the latest skills

the rapid development of China's packaging industry in the past decade has also greatly broadened China's ink industry. Ten years ago, offset printing ink was the main type of printing plants, but now it has been extended to the format of solvent ink, water-based ink, UV ink, silk screen ink and offset printing ink. With the development of packaging industry, the continuous development of ink skills will promote the rapid development of ink, the consumption of ink will continue to improve, and the production of ink will continue to improve. By the end of 2014, the total cost of printing ink in China will reach about 430000 tons/year. The ink profession has infinite space to develop

water based printing varnish is made of synthetic resin, related additives and water after scientific and technological processing. It has the characteristics of non-toxic, no impact, no organic volatiles, low cost, wide data source and so on, which is unmatched by other solvent based glazing oils. Water based varnish can eliminate the damage to human body and the pollution to the environment in the operation, and has been paid more and more attention by food, medicine and tobacco printing companies

the development of the ink industry in recent years has made the profession flash, which determines the different and prosperous sensors used. However, it is also possible to see the lack of professional development. The company's planning is small, and the market share of a single company is not high; Skill innovation ability is not strong; Domestic inks are not environmentally friendly; Lack of supply of high-end goods; The lack of ink skilled talents has seriously prevented the development of the ink profession. Therefore, the profession has also taken a series of measures to strengthen the development of the stable ink profession. For example, increasing the investment in science and technology of the profession, and other uses of carbon materials are still being explored, strengthening the development of environmental friendly ink, and the research and development of ink should focus on independent innovation; We have achieved good results by strengthening ink theoretical research and cultivating scientific and technological talents

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