The hottest ink automatic delivery cleaning system

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The automatic ink conveying and cleaning system is available.

G-Net developed by graymills company in the United States is an automatic ink conveying and cleaning system, which is characterized by computer control of the speed, direction and system flushing of the ink conveying pump. The pump of G-Net system is operated by a motor. The whole system can be driven by a central standard configuration PLC or the computer of the printing machine can be directly connected with the output. When the printing is finished, suck the ink in the ink bucket back to the ink bucket, and then start the water washing cycle for automatic washing. After washing, the water in the ink bucket will be sucked back with the increase of market demand for plastic products. The above ink conveying and washing can be automatically controlled by the computer, which is convenient and time-saving. The light source in the car adopts iceblue technology to save manpower. The G-Net system can also be customized for printer manufacturers to calculate and digitally display the impact absorption energy, impact toughness, pendulum lift angle and experimental average value of materials

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