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Introduction: on September 25, China's first aircraft carrier was delivered to the Navy, becoming the latest among the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council to have an aircraft carrier. According to the analysis of relevant people, the military expenditure may tilt to the Navy for a period of time in the future. The relevant industrial chain driven by the aircraft carrier formation is huge, which brings huge market space to the equipment manufacturing industry, high-end materials and other fields

On September 25, China's first aircraft carrier was delivered to the Navy, becoming the latest among the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council to have an aircraft carrier. The central congratulatory message is called an important milestone in the development history of our army

the Varyag aircraft carrier was bought by a Macao company from Ukraine in 1998, and began to be refitted in Dalian shipyard of China shipbuilding industry group in 2005. It has been put into service for more than ten sea trials since last year, and was renamed Liaoning ship yesterday. The whole span is as long as 15 years

a-share aircraft carrier concept stocks made several changes this year when the situation in the South China Sea was tense. The situation continued to rise in early September when the situation was unprecedented tense due to the sudden change in Japan's purchase of the island, possibly because the aircraft carrier news was relatively clear as expected, but the aircraft carrier concept has not shown significant performance in the past two days

leveraging the 100 billion equipment market

automatic uniform cooling and constant temperature of samples

while the Liaoning ship was commissioned yesterday, the State Council Office issued a white paper titled "Diaoyu Island is China's inherent territory". China has always declared its sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands, but it is the first time to issue a white paper on this issue

analysts judge that military spending may tilt to the Navy for some time in the future. The relevant industrial chain driven by aircraft carrier formation is huge, which brings huge market space for shipbuilding, materials, systems, carrier aircraft and other fields

Guojin Securities believes that from the perspective of foreign history, aircraft carriers are the catalyst for industrial development, and the construction of aircraft carriers plays a very important role in the upgrading of China's entire industry. Because aircraft carriers will never be used alone, aircraft carrier formation involves combat units such as aircraft carriers, carrier based aircraft, auxiliary ships, etc., which is a huge system engineering. The estimated manufacturing cost of a 60000 ton medium-sized conventional powered aircraft carrier (Liaoning ship 57000 tons) is about 15billion yuan. The combat effectiveness of an aircraft carrier can only be achieved by having carrier aircraft on it. The 60000 ton aircraft carrier can carry about 40 to 50 aircraft, so the price of carrier aircraft will be about 15billion yuan. In addition to aircraft carriers, aircraft carrier battle groups need multiple destroyers, frigates, minesweepers and submarines for all-round protection. Conventional aircraft carriers also need tanker supplies to form a formation to have combat effectiveness. At present, the unit price of 7000 ton modern class destroyers in Russia is about 3.8 billion yuan. According to the calculation of 10 destroyers, frigates and supply ships in the aircraft carrier formation, the estimated cost is about 20 billion yuan. Therefore, it is conservatively estimated that it will take about 64 billion to build a complete aircraft carrier formation; In addition, considering the need of aircraft carrier rotation or China's protection of the sea rights in the East China Sea and the South China Sea, if an aircraft carrier formation is arranged respectively, the total investment will reach about 130billion yuan

according to the Research Report of comprehensive securities companies, the industries with high correlation in the aircraft carrier market of 100 billion include equipment manufacturing industry, new materials, power system, electronic communication industry, etc.

first, the equipment manufacturing industry is the basic industry for building aircraft carrier formation, and it is also the direct beneficiary of aircraft carrier formation investment. The manufacturing of ship bodies, carrier aircraft and weapons and equipment will directly benefit from the construction of aircraft carrier formation. In the capital market, there are many companies related to A-share, such as China heavy industry and China shipbuilding

second, the power system is the heart of the aircraft carrier formation, in which the carrier aircraft engine and the ship gas turbine based on it are the focus. Related companies such as aero power are China's core aero-engine manufacturing enterprises. The Qinling engine assembly JH-7 produced by the general assembly is the core equipment of China's Navy aviation

III. The cornerstone of aircraft carrier formation built with high-end materials, such as alloy steel, titanium alloy and composite materials, is expected to realize technological upgrading and then transfer to civilian use through military orders for aircraft carrier construction. Related companies such as BaoTi are the largest titanium and titanium discontinuous carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites in China, which are expected to become the mainstream materials in the automotive industry; Ms. Peng Lizhen and Mr. Feng Hui from the Engineering Plastics Department of Chevron Phillips Hong Kong company made a speech on "PPS is used on auto parts", in which the production and scientific research base accounted for about 40% of the national total

fourth, the brain and nerve center of the information system aircraft carrier formation integrate each combat unit and make it a large-scale organic whole. Related companies, such as hailanxin, are one of the qualified suppliers of the Navy

the road of aircraft carrier is still long, and the deterrent effect is beginning to show

air force major general Qiao Liang mentioned the problem of carrier aircraft in the people's exchange, as well as the statements made by some other experts on television, Liaoning ship has not been equipped with carrier aircraft, and the aircraft carrier formation has not been formed yet. At this time, the service has a deterrent effect, but it is not just a deterrent. Liaoning ship has started the journey of aircraft carrier series. As the carrier for training, this ship has laid the foundation for future new aircraft carriers

the seventh fleet of the United States is the most powerful military force in the Pacific Ocean. It has the George Washington formation, one of the 11 aircraft carrier battle groups in the country, with a total force of 60000 and a navy of 38000. It is equipped with nearly 60 ships, with a total tonnage of more than 600000 tons and 350 warplanes

Japan Maritime Self defense force is one of the largest maritime forces in Asia, with the tonnage of major surface combat ships exceeding 300000 tons, ranking fourth in the world

Orient Securities said that at present, the navies of Asian countries do not have a conventional hand to compete with the seventh fleet, and later required to strictly implement the "opinions of the State Council on strengthening and improving fire protection" (Guo Fa No. 46 document) and the newly issued "Regulations on the supervision and Administration of fire protection in construction projects"; Compared with Japan, China needs to improve its anti-ship and electronic warfare capabilities, which is expected to be compensated by aircraft carrier formation

at present, the military confrontation between major powers is mainly shock and awe, and it is generally not easy to start a war. There is still a long way to go for the peaceful rise of our navy, and an aircraft carrier battle group is not enough to form a sustained combat effectiveness. For example, in the case of the United States, at the same time, 1/3 of the aircraft carriers are in port maintenance and supply, 1/3 of the aircraft carriers are in training, and 1/3 of the aircraft carriers are on combat duty. It means having three aircraft carrier battle groups can meet the needs of a naval power

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