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Liaoning building energy-saving glass Summit Forum was held in Shenyang

according to the introduction, the building energy-saving glass takes the off-line vacuum magnetron sputtering large-area coating process as the main body, and the Low-E coated glass produced provides a good product foundation for modern building energy conservation. At the meeting, Mr. xuwuyi, the technical service director of the engineering glass division of CSG group, was interviewed. He said that at present, in China's transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, it is necessary to increase investment in technology research and development. The super thermal insulation infrared shielding glass introduced by CSG at this meeting - three silver Low-E and super thermal insulation energy-saving glass silver free Low-E Bw88 products, vacuum coated electrically heated glass and antireflective glass are the output results of China Southern Glass's annual R & D expenditure of nearly 100 million yuan

president Xu said that in the case of wasting a lot of air-conditioning electricity, people still feel that the building glass is "drying", and the indoor environment is very uncomfortable, because the insulating glass used in the building is not energy-saving and heat insulation enough. For the northeast region, building thermal insulation is the most important. Because the climate in Northeast China is dry and cold in winter and warm in summer. In cold winter, the outdoor temperature is very low. In order to maintain the needs of indoor people's life, we must continuously provide a certain amount of heat energy to maintain the stability of indoor temperature. The heat source of modern residential buildings is mainly low-temperature heat sources, such as air conditioning and heating. Its thermal radiation is low-temperature long wave blackbody radiation. The use of silver free Low-E bw8 can reflect this part of heat energy back indoors, so as to achieve its thermal insulation performance. Considering the sun exposure in summer, the design of energy-saving glass adopts super infrared heat shielding glass - Sanyin l0w-e, which makes its total transmittance of solar infrared heat less than 5%, that is, the heat in the solar radiation of the first batch of 10 innovative products nominated for the automotive lightweight science and technology innovation award was opposed to the new model of "partner" of 5 elder brother. It is a cold light source with only non heating visible light in the energy. At the same time, the silver free Low-E bw88 product is used on the indoor surface, which further reduces the heat transfer coefficient K1. According to the actual required value of the measured sample size, the outdoor temperature difference heat transfer is minimized

for civil buildings that need thermal insulation, the heat transfer coefficient of super thermal insulation silver free Low-E bw88 products can reach a minimum of 1 after using double membrane structure single chamber hollow Low-E glass. 2w/m2*k, 20% lower than ordinary single hollow, with remarkable energy-saving effect. After the glass thickness is thinned, the hardware of door and window profiles can be greatly reduced, reducing the excessive use of resources. It also provides designers with more choices when designing and selecting materials

at the meeting, Mr. Liu Zhongwei, a senior curtain wall expert of China Building Metal Structure Association, answered the technical points of jg/t standard application of tempered glass for building doors, windows and curtain walls, which was widely confused in the industry, and was highly praised by the participants

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