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Application of vacuum preservation technology

vacuum preservation is a new technology to preserve fruits, vegetables, flowers, meat and aquatic products by reducing atmospheric pressure. It is another new development of storage and preservation technology

decompression storage and fresh-keeping is to put the articles in a container with a contribution rate of 23.82% between airtight and cooling, and use a vacuum pump to extract air to obtain a lower absolute pressure. The pressure depends on the characteristics of the articles and the storage temperature. When the required low pressure is reached, fresh air continuously enters the storage room with approximately saturated humidity through the pressure regulator and humidifier. With the continuous operation of the vacuum pump, the articles will continue to get fresh, moist, low-pressure, low-oxygen air. This technology not only saves the water in the goods, but also reduces the consumption of vitamins, organic acids, chlorophyll and other nutrients; At the same time, the storage period is three times longer than that of the general cold storage, the product preservation index is greatly improved, and the shelf life after delivery is also significantly increased. The characteristics of decompression storage and preservation are:

rapid cooling decompression storage can create a lower atmospheric pressure environment and reduce the conditions of water evaporation, so the products in the storage can reach the predetermined temperature in only 20 minutes, From the beginning, it was established that the safety and stability were not as good as the first transmission system

quickly reduce oxygen, and purify the general industrial decompression reservoir at any time. The oxygen can be reduced to 2 in 10 minutes The accuracy of hypoxia control is 0.05%. As long as the pressure remains unchanged, the concentration of hypoxia is stable, which is impossible to achieve by ordinary storage and preservation methods. Vacuum preservation can purify harmful gases at any time and maximize the physical health of items. Therefore, the stored food is not aging, yellowing and weightless. The environmental pollution of plastic granulator is also quite serious and does not deteriorate, and the commodity rate is as high as 98%

low energy consumption, multi-functional decompression cold storage, rapid cooling, good refrigeration effect, and dual functions of refrigeration and freezing

efficient sterilization and elimination of residues. In industrialized vacuum storage, ozone is used to sterilize under normal pressure and reduced pressure twice to eliminate the residue of public hazards, which is considered to be an ideal measure in the world today. Ozone is a broad-spectrum and high-efficiency bactericide, which is harmless to food and does not produce residual pollution. In particular, the use of ozone under reduced pressure can act on microorganisms sneaking into the cortex and inhaling pesticide residues, so as to achieve the purpose of thorough disinfection. Its method is simple, low-cost and effective

in order to popularize and apply the vacuum preservation technology in China as soon as possible, Chinese researchers have made the tank self significantly reduced and the cost greatly reduced through many years of technical research, and its technical level is in the leading position in the world. For a large agricultural country like ours, the prospect of the application of vacuum preservation technology in China is very broad

source: China Youth Daily

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