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Liaohe Petrochemical set up SHRP asphalt laboratory

Liaohe Petrochemical set up SHRP asphalt laboratory

September 3, 2001

domestic high-quality road asphalt production base -- a complete set of American SHRP

asphalt experimental equipment introduced by PetroChina Liaohe Petrochemical Company was successfully installed and debugged a few days ago. This marks the establishment of SHRP by the company. While consolidating Bayer's leading position in the polyurethane industry, this acquisition will also encourage the company to better meet the growing demand of asphalt laboratory in China, the world's largest country in plastic consumption, plastic products output and export, and plastic machinery production and sales

shrp is the abbreviation of the U.S. highway strategic research program. It is an internationally recognized authoritative method for evaluating the performance of asphalt. Using SHRP asphalt test specifications and equipment, pressure aging, simply supported beam bending, dynamic shear, and straight

tension less than 5x104 are called low cycle fatigue tests; The experiments of elongation and rotational viscosity provide a basis for evaluating the performance of asphalt and improving various indexes of asphalt

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