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Liaoning 6000W single-phase gasoline generator

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Liaoning 6000W single-phase gasoline generator product model to7100etd frequency 50Hz rated voltage 220V rated power 6kw maximum power 6.5kw phase number single-phase noise level (7m) 65 starting mode manual/electric starting oil tank volume 25L net weight (kg) 85 engine model to-188fa engine form four stroke generator remarks self-contained regulator insulation grade F fuel model more than 90 # unleaded gasoline engine oil volume 1.1L fuel consumption 395g/h continuous working time 12hrs size (mm) 720*500*560 after sales service daze original national joint warranty quality assurance warranty one year lifelong maintenance

daze 6kW small gasoline generator body aims at lightweight and improves structural hardness by 30%, At the same time, the weight is reduced by 8%. Each piece of high tension steel shall be as complete as possible, and bending or welding shall be avoided as far as possible; Then, according to the differences of materials, select the appropriate joint mode to achieve the integrity and robustness of the whole small gasoline generator structure. Using the engine imported from Italy as the original power, the fuel consumption is greatly reduced. The perfect fuselage design technology and the combination of light weight and low fuel consumption are the best choice, leading the industry

1. The reliable automatic voltage regulator excitation system can provide constant excitation under various long-term conditions

2. It is easy to connect in parallel with electricity or other generators

3. The dynamically balanced rotor is equipped with sealed ball bearings and has two structures: single bearing and double bearing

4. It is easy to install and maintain. It has easily operated terminals, rotating diodes and coupling bolts

5. Multi specification transition sleeve and single bearing disc coupling

price advantage: because we are direct selling by manufacturers, we omit the link of dealers, so the price is the lowest

quality advantage: our factory has been making generators for more than ten years and is a leader in China's generator industry. Whether from technology or materials, we have the strength to simply check the tensile testing machine before the experiment. We dare to say that our quality is worth the price of the machine

daze power - integrate international resources and improve innovation ability! From Japanese high-end generator manufacturers

daze power production and sales: torsional strength and fatigue tests are carried out on the production and structure of gasoline welded top cap sandwich panels and the same rivets. Control motor → "1kw-40kw" → portable gasoline generator

diesel generator → "3kw-300kw" → low fuel consumption diesel generator

gasoline diesel generator welding machine → "190a-500a" → high performance power generation welding machine

gasoline self priming pump → "2-6 inches" → with strong power self-priming pump

gasoline high-pressure fire pump → "1.5-3 inch" → strong lift

gasoline sewage pump → "3-4 inch" → strong high flow

daze power 6 kW gasoline generator features: small volume, flexible, light, complete supporting facilities, low noise, quality assurance

advantages of daze power 6kw gasoline generator: low fuel consumption, low noise, 5.49% year-on-year decrease; Imported 10.1921 million tons, reliable performance, small size and light weight

daze power has a small 6 kW gasoline generator, a portable 6kW gasoline generator and a low-noise 6 kW gasoline generator

after sales service:

1. All machines sold by the company are debugged and trained free of charge for their operators to use

2. The machines sold enjoy one year of free maintenance and repair services from the date of sale (except normal wear and tear parts)

3. After the warranty period, provide spare parts and maintenance services for a long time

[company name]: brand of Shanghai oubao Industry Co., Ltd. - Daze power

[contact]: Sun Gong (Manager)

[sales]: (tel/Landline): () sundengkai520 landline:

[email]: (e-mail) [email protected]

[exhibition hall address]: (office add) No. 818, Yecheng Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

[company address]: (Web site)

[about after sales] : one year lifetime maintenance of manufacturer's direct sales warranty

[recommended reasons]: excellent quality, low fuel consumption, simple operation, considerate service, the best choice for construction, emergency and standby

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